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Mamie’s Ultimate Meeting Guidebook


With 30 pages of content, this information-packed guidebook includes tips, tricks, and tools on the following essential meeting components:

What will you learn from this product?

  1. Meeting alternatives – Is your meeting really necessary? Could there be a better use of your time and your team’s time?
  2. Meeting preparation – Do you have a thoughtful agenda for your meeting? Have you assigned pre-work to your team?
  3. Managing team behaviors – What are the most common disruptive behaviors you’re likely to encounter? How can you address those in a way that respects your team and keeps the meeting on track?
  4. Virtual meetings – Is it possible to connect with your team online as well as in person? What technologies are best for virtual meetings?
  5. One-on-one meetings – Why is it important to meet individually with your team members? What questions might help you facilitate a more meaningful one-on-one?
  6. Meeting follow-through – Do you have a clear list of the next steps after your meeting? What actionable outcomes have you brought to your team?

Answer these questions and many more with Mamie’s Ultimate Meeting Guidebook.

This resource is perfect for managers of any size team – whether you hold a C-Suite position or are just starting out.

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