August 8, 2023

267: How to be an Excellent Digital Communicator with Ty Hoesgen

For decades, the office served as the central hub of the business ecosystem until the pandemic. Remote work became a trend, and virtual meetings became the standard for collaboration with our teams and facilitating communication. 

However, along with the convenience of work-from-home setups, a new challenge arose–how can managers effectively convey their thoughts and ideas and become excellent digital communicators?

Today’s guest is Ty Hoesgen. Ty is a top communication coach, #1 best-selling author, and the Founder of Advanced Growth Institute. He helps professionals from around the world communicate with confidence, charisma, and clarity — so they can get more respect, become stronger leaders, and advance their careers.

In today’s episode, Ty and I discuss how you can be an excellent communicator using digital mediums – like virtual meetings and emails. 

We get into the small things you can do to make yourself appear more trustworthy and engaged on the camera, how to write better emails, and more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • (00:00) Intro
  • (02:34) How to make proper eye contact during video calls
  • (06:15) Getting your body position right when on Zoom
  • (09:02) A great tip you can do at every beginning of a call
  • (11:45) The importance of proper lighting
  • (13:50) Natural vs. virtual backgrounds
  • (16:50) How to get your team to follow good video setups
  • (19:03) Email writing hacks
  • (27:03) A great manager Ty has worked for
  • (29:23) Keeping up with Ty
  • (31:22) [Extended episode only] How to effectively convey your ideas or thoughts to your team
  • (32:34)[Extended episode only] The PREP framework explained
  • (39:14) [Extended episode only] Ty’s final tips

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