264: How to be a Good Teammate with Lance Loya

Teams are the backbone of all workplaces. When teams are functioning properly, organizations can thrive; and in order for teams to function properly, people must be good teammates. Success often comes down to the ability of individuals to work together effectively. But how do people continue to be good team members in today’s ever-changing workforce?

Today’s guest is Lance Loya, best-selling author and authority on the mindset of a good teammate. His most recent book, The WE Gear, made Forbes’ list of “20 Books to Make You a Better Coach or Mentor.” He is also the founder and CEO of The Good Teammate Factory and the creator of National Be a Good Teammate Day.

Lance and I talk about what it means to be a good team member. He breaks down the ALIVE model and explains the five factors that every person and manager can embody to be a superstar teammate.

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Website: http://www.coachloya.com/


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:07 What is the “we gear” concept?
  • 05:49 Five components of the ALIVE model: put the “we gear” mindset into action
  • 10:11 What did Lance discover in his research about great teammates?
  • 11:46 How do leaders show they are truly invested in their teams?
  • 16:23 The importance of simply waving hello
  • 20:48 How to confront people who aren’t being good team members
  • 26:38 A great manager Lance has worked for
  • 28:26 Keeping up with Lance
  • 30:00 [Extended episode only] The five teammates that each person needs
  • 34:37 [Extended episode only] Which of the five roles should the manager be?
  • 37:12 [Extended episode only] How can we be a good ‘buddy’ with our colleagues without crossing a boundary?

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