257: How to Have Better Conversations with Chuck Wisner

While we may not realize it, stories are constantly underlying our thinking. We formed stories about ourselves when we were younger, we interpret messages through our pre-existing stories, and we tell ourselves stories to help us understand the world around us. These stories have a great influence on how we relate to the people around us. So, how can we recognize the impact stories have on us and learn how to utilize them more effectively when communicating with others?

Today’s guest is Chuck Wisner. Chuck is a sought-after thinker, coach, and teacher in organizational strategy, conversational dynamics, and leadership excellence. He has spent twenty-five years as a business and personal consultant and a trusted advisor to leaders in high-profile companies across industries including Google, Apple, Tesla, Ford, DTE Energy, General Motors, and others. He is author of The Art of Conscious Conversations.

Chuck and I talk about the stories we tell ourselves and how they can get in the way of productive conversations with our colleagues, and also help or hinder us in general. We touch on how to unpack our own thoughts, how to better understand our team member’s perspectives, and a whole lot more.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chuck_wisner/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chuck-wisner/
Website: https://www.chuckwisner.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chuckwisnerconsulting


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:52 Stories are the foundation of our thoughts
  • 03:11 An example of how stories can serve us
  • 04:46 How do we become more conscious of the beliefs we embody?
  • 06:43 Exercise: “Left-hand column”
  • 11:13 How do we help our team members shift their consciousness?
  • 15:30 Facts vs. opinions
  • 19:12 Example of a client who has gone through this process
  • 27:00 A great boss Chuck has worked for
  • 28:25 Keeping up with Chuck
  • 29:15 [Extended episode only] The next stage of conversation: What comes after storytelling?
  • 31:14 [Extended episode only] How can we commit to more effective conversations?
  • 35:27 [Extended episode only] Making better commitments

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Additional Resources:

  • Download the PDF introduction to Chuck’s book, The Art of Conscious Conversations, on his website.
  • Book a free, 30-minute consultation/advising session if you are interested in understanding more about Chuck’s work and how you could work together. Via his contact link, send an email, letting Chuck know you came from The Modern Manager.



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