April 18, 2023

251: Align Your Productivity Approach and Your Work Style with Sandra Halling

Being productive is a skill that comes naturally to some people, but it can be more difficult for others, especially those with learning differences or other challenges. Depending on your attention span, level of motivation, executive functioning skills, and environment, you may struggle to find success with traditional productivity advice. It’s important to remember that everyone’s mind is different, and with the right tools and mindset, you and each of your team members are capable of productivity greatness!

Today’s guest is Sandra Halling. Sandra is a marketing systems and technology consultant who has a passion for finding smart, efficient ways of working so you can let go of the hustle. Sandra is a systems expert on platforms like Notion and ConvertKit but her real priority is helping you develop better work habits by achieving Aligned Productivity — that is to say, aligning your work with your values so you feel calm, confident, and can prioritize what matters to you.

Sandra and I talk about different approaches to planning and staying organized that work for different styles of thinking. She shares her thoughts on what productivity is all about and how to navigate differences in productivity approaches, and a whole lot more.

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Website: https://sandrahalling.com/

Membership Website: https://feelmoreproductive.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandrahalling/


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:12 Why do we feel pressure to be so productive?
  • 05:46 Do we set ourselves up for failure?
  • 07:59 How to acknowledge what we’ve accomplished
  • 10:34 Tip for neurodivergent listeners: breaking down tasks
  • 12:30 Why different approaches work for different people
  • 18:30 What happens when your preferred method doesn’t match your co-workers’?
  • 24:05 Tools for team productivity
  • 29:43 About a great manager Sandra has worked for
  • 31:28 Keeping up with Sandra
  • 33:00 [Extended episode only] Getting started with “aligned productivity”
  • 38:40 [Extended episode only] How to align your daily tasks with larger goals

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