April 11, 2023

250: Lessons Learned from 250 Episodes

Welcome to episode 250 of The Modern Manager! Phew! I’m so excited to reach this milestone, and I’m so grateful for everyone who has listened to and supported the podcast along the way. Thank you for being here; here’s to 250 more!

For this episode, I decided to take a look back at some key ideas that I’ve learned from my amazing guests over the past year or so. While every guest shares something insightful, I chose 5 key takeaways that, for me, stood out in some way.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:26 The four temperaments that shape our core values (from episode 219)
  • 03:05 Excerpt from episode 219
  • 05:21 Mamie’s takeaways from episode 219
  • 06:25 Mental toughness (from episode 229)
  • 06:45 Excerpt from episode 229
  • 08:34 Mamie’s takeaways from episode 229
  • 10:00 How the seeds you plant can grow (from episode 237)
  • 10:20 Excerpt from episode 237
  • 11:39 Mamie’s takeaways from episode 237
  • 12:40 Acknowledging emotions during times of change (from episode 193)
  • 13:03 Excerpt from episode 193
  • 15:43 Mamie’s takeaways from episode 193
  • 16:30 Addressing conflict head on (from episode 228)
  • 16:44 Excerpt from episode 228
  • 20:11 Mamie’s takeaways from episode 228

Shoutouts & Resources:

  • To celebrate my 250th episode, I’m offering 25% off all subscriptions to The Modern Manager Skills Accelerator through the end of April! Go to themodernmanager.com/milestone250 to learn more and sign up at 25% off.
  • A warm welcome to Caitlin M, the newest member of the Modern Manager community!



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