February 28, 2023

244: Inspire Employees Through Deep Purpose with Ranjay Gulati

Why does your team exist? What is the deeper purpose behind the list of tasks you accomplish each day? Without a clear, defined purpose, teams will lack inspiration and focus. This can lead to team members feeling unmotivated, reducing productivity and morale. Furthermore, how can you set goals and develop strategies to achieve them when you don’t have a vision for your work?

Today’s guest is Ranjay Gulati. He is the author of the book Deep Purpose: The Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies. As an educator and researcher, he is passionate about how to unlock organizational and individual potential.

Ranjay and I talk about Purpose. What organizational purpose is and isn’t, why it’s so powerful when done right, how to connect individual purpose to the organization and the magic that happens when you go from satisfied employees to truly inspired ones.

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Website: Deeppurpose.net

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ranjay-gulati

Key Takeaways:

  • A purpose is an intention to accomplish something meaningful to the self that has consequences for the world beyond the self. While the idea of individual purpose has been around for thousands of years, company purpose is a relatively new concept.
  • A company purpose is the “why” behind your mission statement: why you exist, who you’re impacting, and the strategy to accomplish it.
  • A deep company purpose trickles down to all areas of the office, including strategies, resource allocation, hiring and promotion, DEI, and measuring success.
  • Purpose is not “charity”, but a long term value that should include profitability. Make sure all your stakeholders benefit from your purpose.
  • By making decisions aligned with your purpose, you may have to make short term trade-offs that will lead to long term success.
  • Your team needs to understand how what they’re doing matters and contributes to the company purpose.
  • To help your team understand their own purpose and how it connects to the company’s, you first need to know them. Focus on “caring leadership” by building trust and connection over time.



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