December 20, 2022

235: Get Your Team Working From Their Inner Genius with Catherine Mattiske

Each person on the planet has a way of being and thinking that when tapped into feels both natural and fulfilling. This is called your inner genius. The goal for each person is to find their inner genius; the goal for each manager is to help people leverage this knowledge, to help them bring forth the genius that lies within each of us.

Today’s guest is Catherine Mattiske. Catherine is a leading global business educator and author with 30 years of experience across industries, including banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and retail. She is the founder of TPC — The Performance Company, an international training and consulting organization that has worked with Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Catherine has authored more than 30 books, her latest being “Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success”.

Catherine and I talk about the inner genius concept. We get into how to find your inner genius, how to connect what you love to do outside of work and get the same state of flow while at work, the different genius archetypes, building a team that optimizes for inner genius, and much more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • When doing activities that align with our inner genius, we light up and get into a state of flow.
  • There are 12 different archetypes that fall into four categories of inner genius; the Big Whys, The Detailers, The Constructors, and the Inventors.
  • The Big Whys love working with people and asking inquisitive questions.
  • The Detailers are practical and efficient.
  • The Constructors take ideas and start building.
  • The Inventors love dreaming up new ideas. They are cheerleaders pushing their team along.
  • Discover what your inner genius archetype is by reflecting on the activities that bring you to life. Deconstruct these activities and look for themes.
  • Map out what different archetypes you have on your team. Consider how you might bring on advisors or new team members with different archetypes so that your team can benefit from the full range of genius types.
  • Ask your team members what or how they want to contribute to a project rather than them assigning tasks.
  • We use language that mirrors how we process the world. Use language that corresponds to the archetype you are communicating with to better connect with them..

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