November 29, 2022

232: Goal Setting and Goal Accomplishing with Hilary DeCesare

Goals are the backbone of our teams. Around this time of year, businesses and individuals often set goals for themselves, but not all goals are created equally. Truly effective goals are strategic plans for the entire year that guide us in the direction of our dreams; they help managers focus a team’s efforts and achieve maximum success.

Today’s guest is Hilary DeCesare. Hilary is an award-winning business expert, esteemed author, and pioneer of female powerhouses in Silicon Valley. As a sought-after speaker, founder of The Relaunch Co., and one of the first women to create a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue for the tech giant Oracle, Hilary brings fresh energy to industry leaders, CEOs, and solopreneurs. She is widely recognized for her work in neuropsychology as it relates to business and life, and holds several certifications from top practitioners in the field.

Hilary and I talk about her ROCK-IT goal setting process. She shares how to work backwards to make goals manageable, the mindset needed to accomplish big goals, and basically all things goals related.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Know your endpoint. Consider scary and crazy (scazy) dreams and make goals for them.
  • Think ahead to your goal in 12 months. Then work backwards to first quarter goals based on your year goal. Break this down further into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.
  • Empowering beliefs help us reach goals. What we believe about ourselves impacts what we believe we can accomplish and therefore what we actually accomplish.
  • Those with an empowered identity operate at a higher energy that others resonate with.
  • For each goal, brainstorm actions you could take to accomplish it and focus on implementing what pops out at you. You don’t have to do everything!
  • Consider the answer (where you want to go) before the question (what you need to get there, including self beliefs).
  • To avoid burnout, don’t take on too much too soon. Prioritize no more than three goals at a time.

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