September 20, 2022

222: Design a Path to Your Future with Lance Tanaka

Authentic leadership is unique to each of us. It’s about understanding and being comfortable with who you are so that you can leverage your strengths. We can then use that information to guide our choices and lift up those around us. When you understand your strengths and values, they can create a personal roadmap to success.

Today’s guest is Lance Tanaka. Lance is an Executive Leadership Expert. He and his team elevate leaders and their teams to increase business production, performance and profits.

Lance and I talk about lessons from his latest book Dream and Achieve: 90 Days to a life of purpose. We walk through the process that Lance and hundreds of others have used to help clarify their goals and take steps towards their desired future.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Focus more time on honing your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses.
  • The DNA “Dream N’ Achieve” process is a 90 day journey of self discovery and charting a path forward.
  • First, reflect on your strengths and passions. Then look for common themes, ideally no more than 9.
  • Drill into those elements with who/what/where/when/why questions to further clarify what matters most to you.
  • Do this DNA process as a team activity. Others often see our strengths better than we do.
  • Trying to Find your “True North” may slow you down. Instead, create a balance between all your needs by going in the right direction and adjusting over time accordingly.
  • There are three outcomes that result from following your DNA: (1) a big shift to a new company/career/city, (2) a sideways shift to a different team or role in the same company, or (3) minor shifts that lead to a major tipping point down the road.
  • Employees need purpose. When you help them find their DNA, they may leave, but they may also have greater loyalty to a workplace that enables them to shine.

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