August 30, 2022

219: Motivation Through Core Values with Rob Toomey

Identifying the core values and potential motivators of your team members isn’t always the easiest task. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to each individual personality, which makes for a delicate interpretation process. But optimizing your relationships with others comes down to understanding one thing: what on earth makes them tick?

Today’s guest is Rob Toomey. As President of TypeCoach, Rob lives at the intersection of his two passions: personality type and entrepreneurship. Working with 800 global client organizations, he has delivered live sessions to more than 50,000 participants and the TypeCoach online tools have reached more than 185,000 people. Rob is also Managing Director of The Idea Factory which is focused on early stage app and website projects.

Rob and I talk about the four temperaments – he’ll explain these better than I can in one sentence, but in essence we’re talking about the four different personality type core values and motivators. By identifying which of the four temperaments each of your team members identifies with, you’ll be able to use more effective strategies to motivate, appreciate and engage each person.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Our temperament is our source of motivational energy.
  • There are 4 Temperaments based on categories of introversion/extroversion, judgers/perceivers, thinkers/feelers, sensory/intuitive.
  • Introversion/extroversion is whether we get energy from being alone or with others.
  • Judging/Perceiving is how we prefer structure, whether playful or decisive planning.
  • Sensory/Intuitive is how we take in and process information.
  • Thinking/Feeling is whether we approach a situation through objective analysis or considering our feelings/values.
  • The 4 Temperaments break down into Sensory Judgers, Sensory Perceivers, Intuitive Thinkers, and Intuitive Feelers.
  • SJ (Sensory Judgers) are also known as Traditionalists. Their core values are reliability and responsibility. Don’t tell them to relax. If stressed, offer to take things off their plate.
  • SP (Sensory Perceivers) are more relaxed and playful about getting work done. Their core value is to take action and get results. Don’t micromanage SPs; they respond best to a free-spirited environment.
  • NTs (Intuitive Thinkers) are conceptual problem solvers who love long term strategic thinking. Their core value is leaving a positive impact. Give them context for why their work matters and benefits them. Don’t question their competency.
  • NFs ( Intuitive Feeler) are also known as The Idealists. They are future focused on new ideas, but are people and value-centered rather than analytical. NFs’ core values are helping others reach their full potential, and self actualizing in the process. Concentrate on building a strong environment of connection and belonging in the office for them to thrive.
  • To figure out your team’s temperament, ask them what their motivational force is at work.
  • Experiment with giving teammates various feedback to see what most motivates them.
  • Be careful to remember individual temperament needs when stressed because that’s when we revert to personal preferences.

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