August 2, 2022

215: Embrace Your Identity with Victoria Shiroma Wilson

Understanding identity is vital for managers. We all want to respect and better understand our colleagues, but in order to do that we must first understand ourselves. Identity informs how we relate to people, how we make decisions, and how we lead.

Today’s guest is Victoria Shiroma Wilson. Victoria is a leadership development coach and consultant who partners with world-class organizations and professionals to discover their purpose, develop a powerful vision, and design a strategy toward transformation. Victoria is valued as a big-picture visionary who empowers her clients to think boldly and holistically about their future by examining cultural and systemic influences within a greater ecosystem.

Victoria and I talk about identity – what it is, which is so much more than DNA, how it informs how we show up as a leader and interpret the world, how understanding identity can help us better engage our colleagues and make decisions, and a whole lot more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Identity is formed through the outside in and inside out. It’s how we experience the world that informs how we perceive it and ourselves.
  • We all make assumptions about identity and what the experience of a given identity entails, but often those aren’t true because identity is intersectional and complex.
  • We can use our differences in identity if we switch from “I am” to “I see”. Instead of “I am a woman, therefore…” to “From my perspective, I see…”
  • We all develop professional identities that are developed through internalizing the company culture and how people respond to us.
  • Reflect on your own experiences to better understand their influence on your identity.
  • Identity impacts how you lead, including how you make decisions because the information and perspective we bring to a decision is based on our experiences and identity.
  • Misunderstandings can come from approaching a situation differently or with different past experiences or identities that we take for granted.

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