205: Becoming a Modern Manager with Joie Jager-Hyman

A modern manager is an employee’s partner. You support them, teach them, and guide them through the ups and downs of doing their work. While many new managers, and entrepreneurs are thrown into the position without training, they don’t need to flounder. With a bit of intention and determination, anyone can become a rockstar manager.

Today’s guest is Joie Jager-Hyman. Joie is the Founder of College Prep 360, a boutique educational advisory group. She is also the author of two books on college admissions: “B+ Grades A+ College Applications” and “Fat Envelope Frenzy”.

Joie and I talk about her experience of transforming into a “modern manager” and how that has impacted her personally, her team, and her business.

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Website: https://www.collegeprep360.com/

Key Takeaways:

  • Most managers and entrepreneurs never got trained to be people managers, so we have to proactively educate ourselves.
  • Strong people management is your foundation. The better you take care of your team, the better work they can do.
  • Develop team and/or company values. Together, decide what you care about and how you want to treat each other. Reference these values as often as possible in meetings, when giving feedback, etc.
  • Don’t let stress overtake your values. Being stressed is not an excuse for treating team members poorly.
  • It’s just as important to support your team as it is to please clients.
  • Invest in a coach for yourself and give your team members opportunities for professional coaching.
  • Good people management is a learning journey. Your team members will need different things from you as they develop.

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