January 18, 2022

187: Continuing to Develop Inclusive Leadership Skills with Perrine Farque

Like any field, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion continues to evolve. As managers, we need to continue to grow and develop our skills. While it may seem hard to keep up with the newest concepts, it may very well be one of the most important components to being a rockstar manager now and in the future.

Today’s guest is Perrine Farque. Perrine is an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and diversity and inclusion expert who empowers leaders to leverage diversity and inclusion as their competitive advantage. Nominated in the Top 50 Most Influential UK Tech Women, Perrine continues to be recognized for her contributions. Perrine drove the strategy at companies such as Facebook and is on a mission to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse.

Perrine and I talk about the experiences of feeling depreciated and rejected and what we can do to continue to develop our people management skills as the world of DEI continues to evolve. We get into the use of language, anti-bias training, and how to engage your team in the process of creating an inclusive culture so that all team members feel included and appreciated.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Employees who feel devalued/depreciated are less productive/engaged.
  • Unconscious bias training can work when it’s part of a larger diversity, equity and inclusion program.
  • Begin explaining why D&I is important. Set goals for diversity and inclusions, and track progress.
  • Be cognizant of how you and your team use language. Use more inclusive gender terms and avoid ableist language that is insensitive to those with mental/physical disabilities.
  • Create a greater understanding of the cultures your colleagues come from. What communication and gender dynamics are they used to? How do they like to be addressed?
  • Small efforts make a big impact. Talk with your team about why D&I matters to you personally. Create a slack channel or email chain for your team to share relevant articles/podcasts/books.
  • Address those skeptical of the benefits of increasing diversity and inclusion. Share research on how diversity leads to more innovation and success. Explore their personal story of being excluded to understand their resistance.

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