December 7, 2021

182: Improve Your Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills that help us manage time, plan, prioritize, initiate and complete tasks, regulate emotions, and resist distractions. These skills impact how we perform at work and in life – it’s the foundation of self-management. 

This is the second of two episodes on executive functioning skills. This episode reviews strategies to improve  executive functioning skills so you can help yourself or support that colleague. The first episode (#178) explains what executive functioning skills are and how they show up in the workplace, as well as how you can assess yourself and your colleagues in each area. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • There are eleven executive functioning skills our brains use to process and decide on an action. 
  • Notice when the struggle is a combination of executive functioning skills that work together to compound a weakness.
  • Changing behavior is hard. Before trying to develop a skill, look for ways to reduce your reliance on that skill.
  • Try altering the environment in ways that minimize usage of a weaker skill.
  • Try adding motivation, both incentives or penalties, that could give you the extra push.
  • If neither of those are enough, look for ways to improve the weaker skill like finding a coach or practicing the skill.
  • Create a development plan to help you or a team member work more effectively.
  • Clarify the real problem, envision what success looks like, brainstorm solutions, decide on a plan, and track progress. 

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