August 31, 2021

168: Optimize Your Team’s Productivity with Erin Jewell

Becoming more productive can feel like a never ending pursuit. Yet, many of us are constantly in search of the newest tool, hack or system that will help us make the most of our time. As managers, we are also responsible for helping our team members optimize their performance. According to today’s guest, the surprising truth about productivity is that it’s all about clarity, focus, and rest.

Today’s guest is Erinn Jewell. Erin is a Thrive Global Top 10 Coach of 2021, an Executive Mindset and Performance Growth Coach, an International Speaker and a Professor of Leadership at Villanova University. She has over 20 years of leadership experience in the healthcare sector at fortune 500 companies like Pfizer, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic, and was the founder of her own healthcare Start-Up.

As a global director, Erin was responsible for 80 million in revenue and managed 200 direct and indirect reports. Along the way, she developed multiple strategies on how to optimize team performance. As a coach, Erin is passionate about empowering leaders to get the most out of their teams so they can achieve the results they deserve.

Erin and I talk about how to increase the productivity of your team. What productivity is, the connection between biology and productivity, goals, stress and so much more.

Erin is offering a free 1:1 consult to members to help them discover the tools to put your WHY into your WORK and get your team the results they deserve. As an additional bonus, you get my favorite productivity hacks guide where I share my go-to tools and practices that I rely on to help me be most productive. Get them both when you join the Modern Manager community.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Stress is good in that it helps us focus. We just need to take breaks to rest and digest between stressful events in order not to burnout.
  • Know how you operate best; are you an Event (task oriented) or Clock (time of day oriented) person? A morning person or night owl?
  • Multitasking can reduce your productivity by 28%. Our brains need to focus on one thing.
  • The higher an employee’s Meaning Quotient or sense of purpose, the more productive they are.
  • Productivity requires clear goals because in order to be productive you must be moving towards your goals.
  • Divide your tasks into 3 Buckets: work that is (1) directly related, (2) indirectly related, and (3) not at all related to your goals.
  • Highly successful people spend time taking care of themselves so they can focus and put energy into accomplishing their goals.
  • Have a group meeting with your team to discuss how everyone views productivity and share ideas for how to optimize productivity.
  • Have your team track how they spend their time according to the 3 Buckets over the course of 3 days. Discuss the results and brainstorm ways they could change how they spend their time to be more productive.

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