August 3, 2021

164: How to Effectively Partner with HR with Tracee Hunt

HR is an often misunderstood business function. HR can do a lot more than the obvious work policies, employee benefits, and performance issues. Yet not enough managers take advantage of the support and partnership that HR offers.

Today’s guest is Tracee Hunt. Tracee is the Owner & CEO of Total HR Solutions, LLC. With over 25 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, her responsibilities have spanned all facets of HR to include the transformation of entire HR functions, as well as leading the charge in reshaping the culture of the organizations that she has worked with and for. Recently, she authored her first book “Silent Overcomer” which conveys her life’s journey and how the power of reframing was integral in turning life traumas into life triumphs.

Tracee and I talk about how managers can engage with HR as a partner rather than a resource to call upon only when there are problems, and how this partnership can help enable your team members to show up as the best version of themselves.

Members of The Modern Manager can get 1 of 3 copies of Tracee’s book Silent Overcomer in which she shares her own story of turning trauma into triumphs and offers lessons and insights she’s learned along the way. To be eligible, join the Modern Manager community.

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Facebook: Tracee L. Hunt

LinkedIn: Tracee Hunt

Twitter: @tracee_hunt

Key Takeaways:

  • HR is more than transactional. Instead of working with HR in a reactive way, only when there are problems, proactively build a strategic partnership that continually supports you and your team.
  • HR is meant to be a “change agent” that navigates change with managers and employees to realize goals.
  • HR can strategize how to create safe spaces that give employees the confidence to share their life’s experiences and career aspirations with you.
  • HR can help craft mission statements and ensure consistency of culture throughout different teams in organization.
  • HR can coach managers to grow their employees’ skills and conduct effective performance reviews.
  • HR can collaborate on “Employee Value Proposition” documents for recruitment to explain why someone would prefer this organization over others.
  • HR can strategize methods of supporting teams so that each person is able to bring their “best” not their “whole” self to work.

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