159: Experience Managerial Greatness with Steph Richter

I’m in the process of writing my second book on what it means to be a Modern Manager. The process of writing this book included interviewing dozens of people about their great manager in search of themes, practices and habits from the best managers. Instead of talking to the managers, I spoke with the direct reports to hear what their manager did that made them appreciate working for this person.

In this episode I share the recording of one of these book interviews. After speaking with Steph, I was so energized and wanted everyone I talked to to feel this way about their manager. Steph Richter loves helping others & creating an impact! Through her work as the Director of Operations, Culture Coach & Life Coach In-Training at The Perk, she is lucky enough to do those two things everyday. She is passionate about embracing a growth mindset & seeking discomfort, and enjoys big-picture, futuristic thinking, planning & always tying things back to ‘WHY’.

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Website: https://www.choosetheperk.com

Steph’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steph-richter/

Leah’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-roe/

Key Takeaways:

  • Have one-on-one meetings to learn about your employees beyond their to-do lists. Learn what they are excited about in their lives and look for ways to incorporate this into their work experience.
  • Celebrate not just the financial wins but the “small wins” with your staff, like finishing a job well.
  • Establish communication norms up front so everyone is clear about expectations for using email, chat, etc.
  • Pay for professional development opportunities for your employees to grow in exchange for commitment to working for a specific amount of time. This investment in them pays back as they are more invested in you.
  • Encourage your employee to ask questions by assuming responsibility for their confusion rather than blaming them.
  • Compliment your staff daily by authentically noticing specific things they are doing well.
  • Normalize two-way feedback and vulnerability by addressing conflict head on and being transparent.
  • Don’t make your work relationship hierarchical; make them feel like a collaborative partner rather than working “below” you.


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