157: Positive Thinking + Positive Action with David R. Ibarra

While it may seem obvious, we are in control of our thoughts. Yet too often we let our thoughts control us. By taking control of your thinking and focusing on holding a positive state of mind, you can radically transform your life and those of your team members. But to be clear, it’s not just a way of thinking. To truly embrace this positive state of mind and all the good it can unleash requires taking action and sticking with it.

Today’s guest is David R. Ibarra. David is a leadership consultant, speaker, and author of the new book, Stop Drifting: Become the Switch Master of Your Own Thought & Pivot to Positive. After spending most of his childhood in foster care, David started his first business at 28 years old, beginning an entrepreneurial career that spans the hospitality, automotive, and leadership consulting industries. He is the founder of eLeaderTech, IBG, David Ibarra Enterprises and the Think and Grow Rich Institute – Latin America. Taking what he’s learned and through the creation of his patented performance management system, David has implemented the Cycle of Success in his own life to creatively combine his business, community, and civic interests.

David and I talk about what it takes to actually make changes in your life and how to get your team to change their habits in order to get what they want. These are lessons he’s captured in his book Stop Drifting. He shares how the brain works, why positive thinking isn’t just woo-woo, how to start to control your thoughts and how to talk with your team about all this.

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Website – https://stopdrifting.com/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/DavidIbarraStopDrifting

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/david.r.ibarra/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidibarra

Book (Goodreads) – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56280331-stop-drifting

Book (Amazon) – https://www.amazon.com/Stop-Drifting-Become-Thought-Positive-ebook/dp/B08SP6KCKP/

Key Takeaways:

  • You are in control of your thoughts. When we think positively, we come up with better solutions and attract more people to work with us.
  • 80% of our thinking happens in our subconscious, with only 15% coming to conscious awareness. The remaining 5% is our imagination, which uses our emotions to move thoughts from the subconscious to the conscious.
  • Spend one day monitoring your thoughts, tallying the positives and negatives. Look at the final results. Don’t be surprised if they are as high as 80% negative. The goal is for them to become 80% positive.
  • Negative and positive states of mind can’t exist at the same time. To quickly shift gears, think of things that make you happy. This automatically starts generating positive emotions.
  • Ask yourself what you want and what you need to achieve it. Get help from colleagues or outside the organization to reach those goals.
  • Know your team’s individual talents so that they can each contribute meaningfully to the whole.
  • Ask what your team member’s greater dreams are. Make it your mission to help them achieve those dreams, inside and outside of your organization.
  • Coaching helps a team member execute a specific task. Mentoring helps them live the life they want to live.


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