152: Managing Up with Dee Ann Turner

Most often, when we think about managing, we think about our direct reports. Yet, our boss plays a critical role in our success. Learning to manage up can help make your work experience easier while enabling everyone to win.

In this episode I speak with Dee Ann Turner. Dee Ann is a 35-year veteran in identifying, selecting, and growing talent. She has unparalleled insight and experience in talent acquisition, career and leadership development, and organizational culture. Author and speaker, Dee Ann is the former vice president of talent for Chick-fil-A, where she helped shape the company’s historically remarkable culture.

Dee Ann and I talk about managing up – what it is, what it looks like in action, how to talk to your team members about “managing you”, and what not to do that can get you into trouble.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Managing up means helping the people above us manage us better.
  • Go into performance reviews ready to share the story of your past year’s successes, responsibilities acquired, and skills learned to help him assess you better.
  • Present innovative ideas through questions rather than statements as a way of getting heard. Don’t worry about who gets the credit; when the boss or team wins, you win.
  • Effect the culture beyond your team by first focusing on your team’s culture. When your team succeeds, your boss will want to know the secret of your culture and may incorporate it into the larger culture.
  • Ask your boss their preferences for communication styles and modalities whether it’s email, voice notes, or texts. Work in the way that best suits them.
  • Don’t let your boss be surprised. Don’t corner him publicly when he’s not ready to discuss an idea, and keep him in the loop immediately if you make an important mistake.


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