April 13, 2021

149: Planning a (Virtual) Team Retreat with Seth Linden

With the end of COVID coming into sight, now is an ideal time to plan for a team retreat that can help people reconnect after a long year of physical distancing or isolation. Whether you’re able to gather in person or limited to a virtual retreat due to COVID or geography, taking time to focus on relationships and team purpose can inspire and refuel us in powerful ways.

In this episode I speak with Seth Linden. Seth is the founder and principal of Gather Consulting, where he advises philanthropists, foundations and nonprofits at the intersections of education, leadership, and community. He has a teaching credential and bartending credential – both of which come in handy while building community.

Seth and I talk about how to design and lead an effective and engaging team gathering or retreat whether in person or virtually.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Be really clear about what the purpose of the retreat is so that you can align the agenda with it.
  • Co-create the agenda; ask your team what they want to get out of the retreat and design the agenda together.
  • Set the tone and intentions of a safe space by having the leader be honest and open from the beginning.
  • Set equity of voice as a value from the beginning to encourage louder voices to make room, quieter people to speak up, and to recognize publically the importance of including historically marginalized voices.
  • To help people feel more comfortable opening up, set a casual dress code, use outdoor settings to lighten the mood, and offer “walking workshops”.
  • Choose team-building activities like karaoke and ropes courses if it aligns with your purpose and is something the participants are comfortable with.
  • Consider mailing or providing ‘goodie bags’ that contain little gifts that make the event feel special.
  • Set up accountability partners after the retreat to help people carry their learnings forward.

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