148: Spark Motivation and Maximize Impact with Matt Granados

It can be hard enough to motivate yourself sometimes, let alone your team members. But great managers know how to tap into a person’s internal motivations in ways that maximize impact without the need for external carrots or sticks.

Today’s guest is Matt Granados. Matt has spent his life as an entrepreneur so when he was told by a fortune 100 Company that the system he used to manage his life (personal and professional) was the answer to their biggest personal problem that EVERY company will eventually face, Matt decided it was time to start Life Pulse Inc to share how he connects Intention with Structure to ensure an individuals desired results. Matt has worked with organizations such as Twitter, Google, and the United States Air Force to individuals looking to just get more out of each day!

Matt and I talk about internal vs external motivation, how to motivate yourself and others, the root of what motivates us, how to design your life around your motivations and desires, how to talk to your team members to help them be more intentional and tap into their internal motivators, and so much more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Motivation is a mindset. External motivation comes from fear or love. To tap into internal motivation, you need to connect what you want with what that person wants.
  • Most of us don’t actually know what we truly want. Take time to pause and reflect on what really matters in order to generate your list of desires. Consider creating a SWOT analysis of your life.
  • Often there are small changes or actions we could do now that will help us live our desires in the moment, generating greater fulfillment.
  • In order to tap into the internal motivations of our colleagues, we need to understand who they are and what matters to them.
  • Ask three questions weekly: (1) What Are You Focused On This Week?, (2) What Are You Grateful For?, (3) What Are You Working Towards?
  • These three questions help you understand the greater context of your colleague’s life while not getting too personal.
  • Knowing your teammates’ long and short term goals allows you to understand where they want to go and therefore how to help them in the present.
  • Have your team review their previous week’s successes and struggles by asking themselves how they grew (1) Internally – their mind, (2) Physically – their body, (3) Relationally – their connections, and (4) Professionally – their career.
  • Make three to-do lists of what you (1) want to get done, (2) need to get done, and (3) is most important to get done. Encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  • Managers inspire their teams by role modeling. It’s important to check in with yourself weekly on your intentions and make time for activities central to your life’s purpose into your schedule.

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