January 5, 2021

135: Daily Routines to Boost Productivity and Well-being

Daily routines are a powerful way to increase productivity and improve overall well-being. When designed well, a routine will help us quickly get into the right mindset and achieve our goals, whether those be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

In this episode, I share my four daily routines as examples of my goals and activities that help me start and end my day effectively. I also review the process I used for creating my routines and various examples of activities you might incorporate into yours.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Daily routines are a series of activities that achieve a specific intent.
  • Routines can be designed for any purpose but are often focused on increasing productivity, mental and physical health, reducing stress, living your values, etc.
  • The four optimal times for daily routines are morning wake up, start of the workday, end of the workday and bedtime.
  • To create a routine, consider what you currently do. Then determine what your goal for the routine is, including how you want to feel when the routine is complete. Then select the activities you believe will lead to those goals.
  • An effective routine is manageable and sustainable. The time it takes fits into your life and you can regularly complete the routine without feeling like it’s a heavy lift.
  • Experiment with your routines. Start small and add over time. Create a routine that is truly yours.


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