November 3, 2020

127: Tips and Tricks for High Performers with Siimon Reynolds

Many high performers have developed strategies that enable them to consistently work productively and effectively. We can all learn from these habits, tactics and approaches in order to enhance our own performance.

Today’s guest is Siimon Reynolds. Siimon is a leading expert on high performance, in business and life, with more than 50 awards for excellence to his name, and a 30-year career owning and running numerous successful companies. He now mentors entrepreneurs and CEOs from all over the world and has coached more than 1000 high achievers, including leading celebrities, centi-millionaires, and billionaires!

Siimon and I walk through a number of the tips and tricks he suggests in his book Win Fast: Quick Ways to Achieve More, Earn More, and Be More.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Rush your unimportant tasks. If we can handle doing a mediocre job on the tasks that aren’t that important, we can spend more of our time on the ones that matter most.
  • The 80:20 Rule of Consequence teaches that twenty percent of what you do gives you eighty percent of your results. Twenty percent of that twenty percent – or four percent of what you do – gives you sixty four percent of your results, which is the 64:4 rule. If we are hyper-focused on spending the majority of our time on the most important things, we yield the greatest results.
  • Talk with your team about the 80:20 philosophy. Encourage them to work quickly on the 80% of tasks that aren’t top priority. Reinforce that ‘good enough’ is all you’re looking for on these tasks.
  • Individually meet with team members to communicate clearly what you believe their top goals are so that you are aligned with what they should focus on. Encourage them to write down the goal and post it where they can look at it daily.
  • Look at your goals three times per day to remind your brain what to prioritize.
  • Develop a Zen sense or urgency where you feel enough pressure to move forward but not so much that it becomes stressful.
  • Understand what you can control and what you can’t. Draw two circles on a piece of paper. In one, write down everything outside of your control, and in the other, write everything you can control. Post this in your office to remind yourself of what actions you can take next and where to focus your energy.
  • One of the most underestimated techniques for making an impact on someone is a personal thank you note. It’s a beautiful and powerful technique for getting ahead and getting people to appreciate you.


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