112: How to Use Impact, Output, and Process Goals

Goals. Such a small, yet powerful word. So much of our time and energy are spent in pursuit of our goals yet rarely do we pause to consider if we’ve established the right type of goal.

In this episode, I talk through three core types of goals and how to use them to help you write better goals for yourself, your team, and your organization.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Goals are critical to how an organization, team, and individual work. They guide significant aspects of how people think and behave.
  • There are three basic types of goals: (1) Impact goals, (2) Output goals, (3) Process goals.
  • Impact goals focus on the result that is achieved. They are often out of our direct control.
  • Output goals focus on the deliverable or accomplishment. They tend to be short term.
  • Process goals focus on behavior. They generally include an action and frequency.
  • When writing goals, include any measures that describe success more fully. Often goals have a main focus, but many additional factors that must be met in order for the goal to be fully achieved.
  • Include a timeline for all goals. Even arbitrary timelines are useful in that they help you negotiate how you’ll spend your time. Goals without any due date always fall to the bottom of the list.


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