November 27, 2019

79: Start off Strong as a Manager with John Murphy

Being a manager is tough. Being a new manager is really tough, even if you’ve done it before in another company or with another team. There are a few things you can do to start off strong whenever you’re taking on a new managerial role. But we can all learn from these lessons whether you’re brand new or have been with the same team for years.

John Murphy is the author of 10 Key Traits of Top Business Leaders and creator of the First 100 Days Plan course for new managers. He is an internationally successful coach, author and speaker. He began his corporate career as a salesman and progressed to being CEO of a Pan European Group. 15 years ago, he set up John Murphy International to help business owners, senior executives and management teams deliver what they are capable of. John has worked with global companies like Pfizer, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson and Vodafone.

John and I start our conversation talking about the mindset of a successful manager and servant leadership, and then we hit a twist and transition into the topic of critical things to do as a new manager to set yourself and your team up for success.

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  • As an individual, you are measured by what you accomplish. As a manager, you’re measured by what your team accomplishes.
  • The old ‘command and control’ mentality is outdated and adds to the disengagement of team members. A support and serve mentality is needed in today’s workplace.
  • Your job is to help your team members become the best version of themselves, to become very effective and efficient at what they do.
  • 60% of first time managers don’t celebrate their second anniversary. Being a new manager is extremely challenging.
  • When taking on a new managerial role, be proactive about educating yourself. Learn about the business, the goals, the strategies so you can make better decisions.
  • Think broadly about who your team’s stakeholders are and go meet them.
  • Meet internal stakeholders to learn about them and their work. Ask how you can work together best, what do you need from each other, etc.
  • Talk with your team members about your expectations of them. Be clear about what their goals are and how you’re there to support them. How do you want them to act/interact with you?
  • Talk to your boss about their expectations of you. Gain clarity on what they believe success looks like.
  • Prepare yourself for new tasks like preparing for and leading meetings, giving feedback, etc. Find resources to support your growth in these areas.
  • If you join a management or leadership team, remember that you’re wearing two hats: that of your own team or department and that of the organization at large.



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