September 18, 2019

69: Center Yourself So You Can Lead Others with Dolores Hirschmann

We all have days when little things seem to bother us more than they should or when our emotions take over and we over-react. It’s hard to lead others when you’re feeling unsettled yourself. It’s even harder when you discover your life isn’t aligned with true purpose.

Dolores Hirschmann is an internationally recognized strategist, Clarity Coach, TEDx Organizer, speaker, and author. She has over 20 years experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners realize their potential by guiding them to CLARITY so they can reach their next level of growth.

Dolores and I talk about how you need to take care of yourself in order to lead others, and how to deal with your own and other’s emotions when things are feeling out of whack. We also talk about finding your life’s purpose and how that informs your leadership.

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  • When you’re feeling chaotic on the inside, everything on the outside is amplified. That’s when one drop overflows the glass.
  • It’s critical to have healthy self-care and self-management to avoid overloading our own capacity to deal with the world around us.
  • When you find yourself overwhelmed or overreacting, start with self awareness. Notice your own behavior and feelings. From that awareness, you can then decide how to act.
  • It’s hard to recognize it on our own so it’s helpful to have a trusted ally who can help you recognize when you’re not functioning at your best.
  • If you notice this in others, be diplomatic and careful not to aggravate the situation or them by pointing out their emotions. Instead, try distracting or redirect them by offering to take a break or go for a walk and talk.
  • Who we are is composed of layers of values, dreams, passions, habits and more. Figuring out your own essence, what matters to you, can help you design a life that fills you rather than drains you.
  • Focusing on the tiny actions we do every day can have a transformative effect because life is really a series of moments and behaviors strung together.
  • Your life’s purpose is bigger than any job. It’s what fills you up, gives you meaning, and when you’re taking action aligned with your purpose, it feels like time stops.
  • You can’t find your flow or your purpose by changing the world around you. If you’re not settled on the inside, no amount of outside change can fix that. It starts by clarifying your purpose on the inside and then designing the outside accordingly.


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