April 23, 2019

48: Becoming Your Best with Rob Shallenberger

What sets apart great leaders and high performers from everyone else? Why is it that some people seem to create magic over and over again for themselves in their personal life, with their team, or their organization?

This week’s guest, Rob Shallenberger, is one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, planning, and execution. Rob is the CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership and has spoken to and trained more than 200 organizations around the world.

Rob and I talk about two of the 12 principles of highly effective leaders. Rob shares stories and examples of how these principles can transform your life and your team. We also get into the process of pre-week planning, what Rob calls a “game changer” for managers and employees alike.

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  • Rob and his father studied high performers in a variety of roles and industries and distilled 12 principles of highly successful leaders.
  • Putting the 12 principles into action together creates a chemistry of excellence that is predictive of success.
  • Principle 2: Lead with vision – This means having an articulated, written down vision for the team as well as for yourself. And, as a manager, helping each of your team members to define their own vision which will help them achieve their highest potential.
  • It’s incredibly powerful when everyone knows the vision, is inspired by it, and takes actions in line with achieving it.
  • Principle 4: Prioritize your time – 68% of people feel their number one challenge is how to prioritize their time. In order to be a transformational leader or effective manager, you need to focus on the things that matter most.
  • The things that matter least will always be pulling at us, whereas often, the things that matter most, get lost in the chaos.
  • This single biggest game changer for most managers is doing pre-week planning. For 20-30 minutes, between Friday afternoon and Sunday night, look at your vision and goals, the roles you play (parent, friend, spouse, self, etc) then do a mini brainstorm on what you can do this week that matters for each of the topics. Then schedule these onto your calendar.
  • The pre-week planning process is simple, but developing the habit of doing it can be hard. Set two reminders for yourself over the weekend to trigger you to do the pre-week planning.
  • Read Becoming Your Best with your entire team, practice together applying one principle per month.


Website: www.BecomingYourBest.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/byb

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