December 11, 2018

30: Driving Intentional Culture with Isaac Tolpin

Team culture exists whether you intentionally shape it or not. Many managers organically build a culture based on their own values. But how do you design and transform a culture intentionally – one that delivers greater results for the individual, team and company?

This week I speak with Isaac Tolpin, co-founder of, the #1 Microlearning platform for learner engagement. Isaac and I talk about how to build a culture that enhances results, effective meetings and investing in your team members.

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Key Takeaways:

  • To create a learning culture, you need to understand the dreams of your team members and help them grow even if that means they leave your team to pursue their next step.
  • We are most energized when we are learning, improving, growing in exciting directions.
  • Most of what we learn when listening to a speech or attending a training is quickly forgotten. To really create change, you need just in time learning.
  • Culture can’t be created by events. Culture is created by a never ending positive pressure on the right levers of the business.
  • If you’re not living elements of the culture you want to drive, you will never be able to sustain that culture.
  • Use powerful and consistent language to refer to your culture and key values.
  • Culture is the ethos, the unwritten rules, how people behave when no one is looking.
  • To shape a new culture, you need to start with understanding “what is” – both the good and bad.
  • Identify the 3-5 key levers of your business. Levers are those things that will have the most positive impact when activated.
  • Write a key statement that captures the essence of each lever and you feel confident saying over and over again.
  • To go beyond incremental thinking into revolutionary thinking, you need to suspend what you know (or think you know) and think expansively. Schedule time in your calendar to do this.





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