October 30, 2018

24: Dealing with Difficult Employees with Kris Plachy

It’s no fun to work with difficult people. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to deal with difficult people and disruptive behaviors head on. It’s not always easy, but it doesn’t need to be complicated or anxiety-producing.

This week I speak with Kris Plachy, Founder and CEO of Leadership Coach and host of How to Lead podcast. Kris and I discuss proven approaches to dealing with difficult people and how to hold them accountable to change.

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Key Takeaways:

  • We have behaviors that get interpreted and lead to labels. Instead of labeling a person as rude, describe the behavior which makes you feel they are acting rude.
  • Sometimes we misinterpret behaviors because we make assumptions about what a behavior means.
  • It often feels hard to confront someone because we inherently don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • If you think someone is difficult, it colors your perspective and you anticipate the person to always be difficult.
  • We each interpret and make meaning of a behavior differently. Sometimes people need to be aware that others are perceiving the behavior as disruptive.
  • When confronting someone, start by identifying the behavior and the impact on me, the team, the organization. Then let the person respond and be heard. Then state the expectation and what will happen if they don’t change their behavior.
  • Holding people accountable for behaviors and work results are the same. You must have set, clear expectations for what behaviors are expected. You also need a consistent practice for feedback.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krisplachy/

Website: https://themanagerformula.com

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