October 2, 2018

20: Lessons From A Real-Life Manager with Rick Kiley

It’s helpful to hear stories and lessons learned from managers who have experienced the daily challenges of working with a team. In episode 020 I speak with Rick Kiley, a founding partner of Soho Experiential. We talk about his experiences as a manager growing his team, holding people accountable, and lots more lessons over his 13 year journey in the business. One word of warning: there is some inappropriate language for children in this episode.

Key Takeaways:

  • Train people properly.Invest in people’s growth. Set them up for success.
  • Incorporate your company or team values into your hiring process.
  • Hiring is not just about talent.​ How the person will act and interact with colleagues and clients is just as important.
  • There are three types of people:
    • problem makers (who you want to avoid hiring)​
    • problem identifiers (who are helpful but common)
    • problem solvers (who will figure out solutions and are critical to success)
  • Find problems and poor performers quickly and take action. The sooner you find it, the sooner you can address it.
  • As teams and organizations evolve, processes need to be formalized and systemized.
  • As an entrepreneur, you begin by wearing all the hats (roles) and over time you take off a hat as you hire someone to do that role. The person you hire for that role should do the job as good or better than you.
  • Don’t feel bad if the people you hire are better than you at that role. They should be! Your team will be more successful if each person does great work and you are a great manager.
  • Manage people and teams by objective (results) and empower them to do their roles.

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