September 25, 2018

19: Time Management Methods, Mindsets, and Approaches

For many of us, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Our to-do lists seem to accumulate new tasks faster than we can cross them off. There are demands from colleagues and clients at work, family obligations, and social responsibilities. And in addition to all the things we’re supposed to do, there are things we wish we had time to do – like going to the gym, cooking, playing an instrument or reading a book for fun, or getting a full 8 or 9 hours of sleep at night – that feel impossible to try to squeeze in.

While it’s true that we probably can’t do everything (at least at the same time), on the whole, when you approach your time with intentionality, you may be surprised by how much you can accomplish in 24 hours. In this episode, I discuss 4 time management strategies I use to manage my time as a busy entrepreneur, mom, wife, and philanthropist, plus some pro-tips for effective time management.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Do fewer things. Question whether everything you’re doing needs to be done at all, and if yes, can it be done for less time or less frequently.
  • Delegate. Determine what can be off loaded from your plate and who can take it on best.
  • Use a 2×2 matrix: “Things only I can do” vs “Things someone else can do” and “Things I like to do” vs “Things I prefer not to do.” This will help you determine what to hand off.
  • Think of time as abundant or expansive. Prioritize things that are important and give up those activities that don’t serve you.
  • Look for ways to streamline your work.
    • Bundle similar tasks
    • Automate with technology
    • Time-block tasks to avoid spending too long on them
    • Develop your skills and become more efficient

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