September 11, 2018

Almost everything you do as a manager can be influenced or framed by the mindset of serving your team: in the level of autonomy you provide, in how you invest in people’s growth, and in the culture of respect and gratitude that you build, and beyond. With the servant leadership approach, your job as a manager changes from that of conductor to that of coach and cheerleader. When you can make a few small adjustments in how you act towards and with your team, your people will have the space and confidence to do their best work.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Servant leadership means putting your team first in order to unleash the potential of your people.
  • Try adapting your approach to what works best with each of your team members.
  • Prioritize the person and their ability over your own convenience. Coach them rather than ‘doing it for them.’
  • If you work in a large organization, the bureaucracy can be suffocating. You must clear the path, keep things moving up above, and prevent unnecessary stressors for your team.
  • Trust your team. Accept that sometimes this means they will fail.
  • Speak last in meetings. Make space for other people to share first so you don’t shut down the conversation before it begins.
  • Be willing to be wrong. Apologize when you make a mistake and admit when you don’t know something.

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