August 21, 2018

14: Personality and Preferences with Rob Toomey

Diversity in the workplace is getting a lot of attention these days. As we build awareness of and increase the range of diversity in its many forms, one we mustn’t overlook is personality. Our workplaces are already quite diverse in this respect and as managers, we must be capable of working with people who have different preferences than we do.

Todays guest, Rob Toomey is President at TypeCoach. TypeCoach helps companies improve communication and achieve goals through the application of personality type, specifically the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). To get free access to TypeCoach’s tools, join the Modern Manager community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of the time, we function in our default mode which means we communicate and collaborate in ways that feel most natural to us.
  • Great communicators and collaborators are able to adjust to work in ways that are most effective for those they are engaging with.
  • Make space for introverts in meetings. Give them time to process the information prior to the meeting. Use a ‘check-out’ at the end of the meeting for final thoughts.
  • If you’re a big-picture manager but you have team members who need more details, spend extra time time clarifying the end goal, processes and any detailed information even if it feels tedious to you.
  • Feedback will resonate more when it speaks to people’s primary motivations.
  • Pause before you give feedback or respond. Ask yourself: What is the best approach to take in light of this particular person?
  • Personality and preferences appears in teams and can cause conflict when not addressed.
  • Some people prefer to think in light-bulb innovation (brand new ideas) and others pre to think of process innovation (improving on what exists). Neither is better or worse, but they can create conflict amongst the group when doing both at the same time.
  • Set time in a brainstorm meeting for each type of thinking rather than combining them into one.

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