7: Strengthening Connections and Building Relationships

Connections at work provide a sense of cohesion, which is essential for cultivating teamwork and collaboration. When there are strong relationships, many interpersonal dynamics become less stressful. Conflicts are reduced and those that do arise are often easier to resolve. People are more willing to ask or help and share their ideas. As a manager, your job is to connect with each of your team members and to foster connections among them.

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Key Takeaways:

  • We are social beings. Human connection is critical to our wellbeing and our collaboration capabilities.
  • When you have a strong relationship, it’s easier to move past bumps like a mis-communication. You’re more likely to give the benefit of the doubt to someone and take risks in front of them.
  • Your job as a manager is to build relationships with and among your team members.
  • Celebrate work-related and personal occasions as a team.
  • Share personal stories and photos e.g. from vacations, weekend activities, etc.
  • Take time out of the office for team-building.
  • Bring people together over non-work topics. Try a lunch-n-learn or book/article/movie club.
  • Surprise your team with occasional special somethings like food or time off.

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