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The Modern Manager Community is your go-to place for resources and support, to help you do and be your best.
Managing people is hard. Really hard.

Humans are complicated, emotional, irrational. Yet we're also predictable, passionate, and highly capable.

That's why being a manager is such a challenge and also so rewarding. You have the privilege of and responsiblility for enabling people to do and be their best.

This job, being a manager, is a big deal. Lucky for you, you're not alone.

You can be a great manager. It just takes a little intention, effort and patience, plus a willingness to learn.


  • having highly engaging and productive meetings, where everyone leaves feeling energized by what the conversation accomplished.
  • team members following through consistently on their tasks, accountabilities, and responsibilities without you having to be on top of them.
  • people welcoming feedback and taking initiative to improve themselves and their work product.
  • colleagues who love working for and with you, and with each other.

Stop wondering and start making it happen.

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Invaluable group coaching calls!

Elisa C

Practical membership content!

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your [membership] content. I read many books, but the way you make things very simple, it’s so easy to use. It’s practical, simple, and easy to implement. I’m very grateful I found your website."

John P

Useful with my team!

"I shared your post on 1-on-1 meetings with all of my direct reports, as context for the 1-on-1 meetings I held. It's the best, most succinct explanation of the key elements that I've found!"

Michael e