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Episodes 201-250


Episode 220: Methods for Robust Brainstorm Sessions

Brainstorming is a method of developing ideas in a group setting. It's used to solve problems, come up with new ideas, and generally explore possibilities. While it may seem like a simple task, there’s often much more than meets the eye when it comes to effective brainstorming. Working through various exercises helps you not only generate ideas but also deeply understand the situation you are looking at. This episode guide includes lists of prompts and suggested approaches and a sample brainstorm meeting agenda for boosting your brainstorming sessions.

Episode 216: Design the Optimal Team Meeting

Almost every team has had some sort of regular team meeting and yet many people complain that these team meetings are necessary, but not very meaningful. The time we spend with our colleagues is precious. Our team meetings are an opportunity to move work forward while strengthening the team. This episode guide includes an overview of the factors to consider when designing a team meeting along with examples of team meeting structures, formats, and prework to consider using as a model for your team.

Episode 212: Prepare for Vacation Time Out of the Office

While it’s supposed to be rejuvenating, taking time off can be quite stressful when you’re worried about work the whole time. Whether it’s returning to an overflowing inbox or concern for how your colleagues are getting on without you, stressing while away from the office (or worse, not taking time off!) is detrimental to your wellbeing. This episode guide includes an overview of five principles to help you effectively prepare for your time away. It also includes tips and a template for communicating tasks and responsibilities effectively to your team members so there's no confusion.

Episode 208: The Personal Instruction Manual

Most people have a general idea about how their colleagues or team members work best. You may occasionally pick up a random fact about a person's personality or work style, but it's rare to have the full picture. The result: we are frustrated by our coworkers because we don’t understand them and they don’t understand us. Instead of a traditional episode guide, this week's guide is a Personal Instruction Manual template that you and your team can use to help create your own PIMs. This includes instructions for how to create your own PIM as well as guiding questions for each of the 4 categories in a PIM.

Episode 204: How to Get and Stay Focused

We live in an age of distraction. No matter what we're doing, we are constantly at the mercy of internal and external distractions. These attention-breakers have serious consequences on our quality of work. The good news is that with our growing knowledge of the brain and improved technology, there are specific steps we can take to increase attention and improve focus. This episode guide includes the "focus matrix" along with tips and suggestions for how to focus from each of the various perspectives of the matrix.

Episodes 151-200


Episode 200: Mamie’s Favorite Takeaways from 200 Episodes

Episode 197: Coordinating Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications

Episode 194: Build a Culture of Accountability

Episode 190: Influencing Without Authority

Episode 186: Create an Actionable Individual Development Plan

Episode 182: Improve Your Executive Functioning Skills

Episode 178: What Are Executive Functioning Skills?

Episode 174 Managing a Remote or Hybrid Team

Episode 170: How to Hire Great People

Episode 166: Engage in Healthy, Productive Conflict

Episode 162: Five Approaches to Dealing with Conflict

Episode 158: Discover Your Optimal Work

Episode 154: The Differential of Managing Managers

Episodes 101-150


Episode 104: Mapping Workflows for Greater Clarity

Episode 108: Combat Unhelpful Cognitive Biases

Episode 112: How to Use Impact, Output, and Process Goals

Episode 116: Managing Change For Yourself and Your Team

Episode 120 How to Develop Effective Habits for Managers

Episode 123 Addressing Race and Bias in the Workplace with Aaron Samuels

Episode 124: How to Make Better Decisions

Episode 128: Planning in a Time of Uncertainty

Episode 131: Working With Friends and Family with Chris Prefontaine

Episode 132: Understanding and Managing Emotions

Episode 138: Managing Four Types of Accountability

Episode 142: Ask Better Questions

Episode 145: Communication Beyond Email, Slack and Zoom

Episode 146: Preparing For A Productive Meeting

Episode 149: Planning a (Virtual) Team Retreat with Seth Linden

Episode 150: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Allyship

Episodes 51-100


Episode 56: It all Boils Down to Psychological Safety

Episode 60: Habits and Principles to Manage Your Email Inbox

Episode 64: Establishing Team Email Practices

Episode 68: Quickly Integrate a New Team Member

Episode 72: How to Create Team Values

Episode 76: Bring Team Values to Life

Episode 80: Shift Your Mindset and Start Delegating

Episode 84: Before You Create a Work Plan, Create a Project Profile

Episode 88: Models and Methods of Decision-Making

Episode 92: Managing Disruptive Behaviors in Meetings

Episode 96: Become a Virtual Team Overnight

Episode 100: What is a Modern Manager?

Episodes 26-50


Episode 27: Getting Started with a Task Manager

Episode 29: Overcoming Common Challenges with Task Managers

Episode 31: Planning Growth Goals for Your Team

Episode 33: Do you really need that meeting?

Episode 35: How to Evaluate Your Team’s Work

Episode 37: Defining Your Management Style

Episode 39 Motivating Your Team to Adopt New Behaviors

Episode 41: Redesign How Your Team Works

Episode 43: Learning from Experience Interviews

Episode 45: Invest in Meaningful One-on-Ones

Episode 47: Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

Episode 49l Engaging and Productive Virtual Meetings

Episodes 1-25


Episode 1: Are You an Unintentional Manager?

Episode 2: 8 Characteristics of a Rockstar Manager

Episode 3: Building a Culture of Respect

Episode 5: Providing Autonomy that Works

Episode 7: Strengthening Connections and Building Relationships

Episode 9: Show Meaningful and Authentic Appreciation

Episode 11: The Enjoyment Equation

Episode 13: Essential Communication Skills

Episode 15: Invest In Your Team

Episode 17: Put your Team First

Episode 19: Time Management Methods, Mindsets, and Approaches

Episode 21: Managing Meeting Follow-Through

Episode 23: Getting a Handle on Procrastination

Episode 25: Finding the Right Task Management App