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Episodes 151-200


Episode 178: What Are Executive Functioning Skills?

Episode 174 Managing a Remote or Hybrid Team

Episode 170: How to Hire Great People

Episode 166: Engage in Healthy, Productive Conflict

Episode 162: Five Approaches to Dealing with Conflict

Episode 158: Discover Your Optimal Work

Episode 154: The Differential of Managing Managers

Episodes 101-150


Episode 104: Mapping Workflows for Greater Clarity

Episode 108: Combat Unhelpful Cognitive Biases

Episode 112: How to Use Impact, Output, and Process Goals

Episode 116: Managing Change For Yourself and Your Team

Episode 120 How to Develop Effective Habits for Managers

Episode 123 Addressing Race and Bias in the Workplace with Aaron Samuels

Episode 124: How to Make Better Decisions

Episode 128: Planning in a Time of Uncertainty

Episode 131: Working With Friends and Family with Chris Prefontaine

Episode 132: Understanding and Managing Emotions

Episode 138: Managing Four Types of Accountability

Episode 142: Ask Better Questions

Episode 145: Communication Beyond Email, Slack and Zoom

Episode 146: Preparing For A Productive Meeting

Episode 149: Planning a (Virtual) Team Retreat with Seth Linden

Episode 150: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Allyship

Episodes 51-100


Episode 56: It all Boils Down to Psychological Safety

Episode 60: Habits and Principles to Manage Your Email Inbox

Episode 64: Establishing Team Email Practices

Episode 68: Quickly Integrate a New Team Member

Episode 72: How to Create Team Values

Episode 76: Bring Team Values to Life

Episode 80: Shift Your Mindset and Start Delegating

Episode 84: Before You Create a Work Plan, Create a Project Profile

Episode 88: Models and Methods of Decision-Making

Episode 92: Managing Disruptive Behaviors in Meetings

Episode 96: Become a Virtual Team Overnight

Episode 100: What is a Modern Manager?

Episodes 26-50


Episode 27: Getting Started with a Task Manager

Episode 29: Overcoming Common Challenges with Task Managers

Episode 31: Planning Growth Goals for Your Team

Episode 33: Do you really need that meeting?

Episode 35: How to Evaluate Your Team’s Work

Episode 37: Defining Your Management Style

Episode 39 Motivating Your Team to Adopt New Behaviors

Episode 41: Redesign How Your Team Works

Episode 43: Learning from Experience Interviews

Episode 45: Invest in Meaningful One-on-Ones

Episode 47: Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout

Episode 49l Engaging and Productive Virtual Meetings

Episodes 1-25


Episode 1: Are You an Unintentional Manager?

Episode 2: 8 Characteristics of a Rockstar Manager

Episode 3: Building a Culture of Respect

Episode 5: Providing Autonomy that Works

Episode 7: Strengthening Connections and Building Relationships

Episode 9: Show Meaningful and Authentic Appreciation

Episode 11: The Enjoyment Equation

Episode 13: Essential Communication Skills

Episode 15: Invest In Your Team

Episode 17: Put your Team First

Episode 19: Time Management Methods, Mindsets, and Approaches

Episode 21: Managing Meeting Follow-Through

Episode 23: Getting a Handle on Procrastination

Episode 25: Finding the Right Task Management App