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You know you should delegate, but you get caught up in all the fears surrounding delegation. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past so you’re hesitant to try again, or you’ve got some legitimate concerns that you haven’t figured out how to overcome. Either way, you’re allowing your mindset around delegation, those fears, keep your brain in the constant loop of wanting to delegate but rarely actually delegating.

The good news… this means you’ve got tons of potential to free up your capacity through delegation!

Ready to uplevel your delegation skills?

The Modern Manager's Guide to

effective delegation

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course overview

This professional transformation program is a blend of self-paced learning with coaching. Over the course of 7 weeks, you'll receive 5 modules guiding you to complete brief mini-lessons, take manageable actions to apply the learnings to your situation, and work directly with me to hold you accountable and address any challenges.

Module 1: Get in the right mindset

Uncover your hidden fears, worries, or concerns that are holding you back from getting work off your plate, and adopt 3 strategies to shift your mindset so you can free your time and attention without any reservations. 

module 2: Clarify what success looks like

Use the simple SWIM process to articulate everything your team member needs to know to successfully complete their work. This ensures that projects are done properly and meet agreed-upon expectations. 

module 3: Establish support mechanisms

Gather and create documentation to support your team member so that small issues don’t turn into major problems. Clarify your support role and prepare to make a smooth hand-off. This will help you eliminate problems before they even begin. 

module 4: Get aligned on the outcomes

Onboard your team member to the work and ensure their understanding and buy-in so they can take the ball and run with it. This will free you up to focus on your highest priorities. 

module 5: address issues along the way

Provide support and oversight without micromanaging or macromanaging (being too hands-off) so everyone feels good about what gets done and how it happens. Then, watch productivity soar!

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How the course works...
  • Learn in the format that works best for you. Each module consists of 3-10 minute lessons available as videos, audio files, and transcripts.
  • Take action immediately. Each lesson is accompanied by a worksheet to help you translate the concepts immediately into action.
  • Get support along the way. Share your insights and challenges with me and I'll personally respond to questions, cheer you on, and push your thinking.

Plus, get these bonuses worth over $4,000!



The Modern Manager's Guide to Effective Delegation

5 Module Online Course including videos, audio lessons, transcripts and worksheets


Bonus #1: Time Tracker

Everything you need to get a clear sense of how you currently spend your time so that you can identify key tasks to delegate


Bonus #2: Delegation Time Calculator

Calculate how much time you'll save over the course of a year after delegating daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so you can prioritize delegating the tasks that will deliver the greatest return on your time investment.


Bonus #3: Mamie's Guide to Effective Meetings

This 30+ page guide provides dozens of tips and tools to help you save even more time by increasing the productivity of your meetings.





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Ready to uplevel your delegation skills?

The Modern Manager's Guide to


Hi, I'm Mamie

Host of The Modern Manager podcast, author of Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings, and Founder of Meeteor. I can't wait to work with you to become a master delegator!

I've spent most of my life trying to improve the world because I live in a constant state of gratefulness and constructive dissatisfaction. Much of the time, that means helping others manage themselves, their teams and their organizations more effectively. Between art school and business school, being an entrepreneur and a mom, I've learned that how you work is just as important as what you accomplish.

I'll be with you step-by-step as you learn and implement new skills and habits. Reach out to me any time throughout the course because I succeed when you succeed.