Mini Sketchnotes 241-250


Episode 250: Lessons Learned from 250 Episodes

Episode 249: Use a Strengths-Based Approach to Develop Your Team Members with Scott Whiteford

Episode 248: How to Fix Common Mindset Mistakes with Dre Baldwin

Episode 247: The Power of Meditation for Managers with Shai Tubali

Episode 246: What Managers Can Learn From Generational Differences with Vivek Iyyani

Episode 245: Elements of Team Effectiveness with Dave Gloss

Episode 244: Inspire Employees Through Deep Purpose with Ranjay Gulati

Episode 243: Lessons Learned from Building a Strong Team Environment with Abhishek Nayak

Episode 242: Develop Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation with Robin Hills

Episode 241: Support Your Team Members During a Tragedy with Holly Welch Stubbing