Guest Bonuses 51-75


Free Audio Course: Productive Prosperity

*EPISODE 75: WORKING WITH (OR BEING) HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE WITH HEATHER DOMINICK Designed for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® who has had enough with being stopped in their tracks by overwhelm and instead is ready to learn how to be more prosperous by being more productive. Includes downloadable audio, a word-for-word follow along transcription of the entire class to support further and deeper learning and key journal questions created to activate a cellular shift in your thoughts, beliefs and actions regarding your ability to be more productive and prosperous.

20% off Quit: The Last Principle of Success

*EPISODE 74: WHEN AND HOW TO QUILT WITH DR.STAN ROBERTSON Get 20% off the retail price on Amazon (normally $21.99) Contact Dr. Stan -- -- and mention The Modern Manager to receive the discount.

Free Next Steps Planning Session

*EPISODE 73: TACTICAL AND ADAPTIVE PERFORMANCE WITH LINDSAY MCGREGOR Get a free session with one of Lindsay's colleagues to plan next steps after your team has completed the motivation survey. Contact Forrest -- -- and mention The Modern Manager podcast.

Free Coaching Session

*EPISODE 71: HOW TO RESPOND NOT TO REACT Get a free session with Ron to address bullying in the workplace or at school (for parents). Contact Ron -- -- and mention The Modern Manager podcast.

Free 1-hour Coaching Session

*EPISODE 70: WHY + HOW TO GATHER WITH LINDSEY CAPLAN One member will be selected at random for a private coaching session with Lindsey. Winner will be selected on Saturday October 19th, 2019.

Free ebook: Stand Out the TED Way

*EPISODE 69: CENTER YOURSELF SO YOU CAN LEAD OTHERS WITH DOLORES HIRSCHMANN Stand Out the TED Way: Be Seen & Grow Your Business will help you understand what is behind the work you do in order to communicate your message from a place of higher vision, purpose, and passion and thus engage with your ideal client and grow your business.

LRN's The State of Moral Leadership in Business

*EPISODE 67: MANAGING WITH MORAL LEADERSHIP WITH EMILY MINER The State of Moral Leadership in Business Report focuses extensively on the behaviors moral leaders demonstrate, the resulting impact on performance, and a set of suggestions for how to scale these behaviors across an organization, so that all colleagues, regardless of role, can embrace and embody moral leadership.

21st Century Leadership eBook + Profile Template

*EPISODE 66: PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST WITH SHANNON ADKINS Future State’s 21st Century Leadership eBook: The eBook includes a set of common attributes that when combined make people especially adept at leading teams through this time of change. It provides a self-assessment tool and recommendations to further evolve your skills, and ready your organization for inevitable change.

21st Century Leadership eBook + Profile Template

*EPISODE 66: PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST WITH SHANNON ADKINS Role Template: Share this template with your team so each person can create a "profile" to help you learn about each others' strengths, role, and interests.

4-day Work Week Overview

*EPISODE 65: THE 32-HOUR WORK WEEK WITH NATALIE NAGELE Check out Natalie's overview of the 4 day work week, including how they handle paid time off, swapping, etc.

Team Playbook Example

*EPISODE 63: CREATING A TEAM PLAYBOOK WITH MILLIE BLACKWELL Check out Millie's Team Playbook for Showcase Workshop plus get a free trial and demo of the Showcase Workshp software.

3 Months Free Access to UpTick

*EPISODE 62: HOW WEEKLY CHECK-INS TRANSFORMED A TEAM WITH CHRIS ZAUGG If you want to have deeper, more trusting relationships with your team that increase productivity, Uptick can help. It's 1-on-1 meeting software designed by Chris and his team. Skip the waitlist and start using Uptick for free for 3 months.

Win 1 of 5 Copies of The Boomerang Principle

*EPISODE 61: MANAGING MILLENIALS IN THE WORKPLACE WITH LEE CARAHER Check out Lee's book: The Boomerang Principle: Inspire lifetime loyalty from your employees.

15% off the book Culture Fox

*EPISODE 59: BUILDING CULTURE IN A RETAIL BUSINESS WITH LOREAN CAIRNS Check out Lorean's book: CultureFox: How to cultivate a lasting culture. My path from hairstylist to international CEO. Use code: Modernmanager15

15% off High Performance Leadership Workshop

*EPISODE 58: LEADERSHIP APPROACHES FOR A HIGH-PERFORMING TEAM WITH BOB DUSIN Attend this 4.5-day workshop that will help you create the highest-performing and most highly engaged workforce possible. Learn more and register at: Use code: Mamie

Team Cheat Sheet + Coaching Template

*EPISODE 57: POWERFUL SYSTEMS TO SUPPORT AUTONOMY WITH CARISSA REINIGE Coaching Template: Get to clarity and use the progressive discipline process to help everyone involved succeed. Use this template and simply update the values and items that you would want your team to be held accountable. See the Silver Lining Example

Team Cheat Sheet + Coaching Template

*EPISODE 57: POWERFUL SYSTEMS TO SUPPORT AUTONOMY WITH CARISSA REINIGE Silver Lining Team Cheat Sheet: Create mutual expectations and basic understanding of you operate. Use this as inspiration to create your own!

Free coaching for Becoming Your Own Coach

*EPISODE 55: BECOMING YOUR OWN LEADERSHIP COACH WITH JENNIFER DIMOTTA Get 2.5 hours of free coaching with Jennifer on Becoming Your Own Leadership Coach Mention: The Modern Manager podcast Email Jennifer at:

25% off Clear Path Forward store

*EPISODE 54: CREATING A CLEAR PATH FORWARD WITH MIKE TANNENBAUM Get the individual or team workbook, or the online course to help you craft your clear path forward. Use the code: mamie

OS Canvas and Instructions

*EPISODE 53: BEYOND MODERN MANAGEMENT WITH AARON DIGNAN Transform the underlying principles of how your team or organization works

Download 4 of Krister's leadership tools

*EPISODE 51: THE LANGUAGE OF LEADERSHIP WITH KRISTER UNGERBOCK Enhance your leadership capabilities. Go to