Guest Bonuses 226-250


3 Copies of Deep Purpose

*EPISODE 244: INSPIRE EMPLOYEES THROUGH DEEP PURPOSE WITH RANJAY GULATI* Ranjay is offering 3 copies of his book, Deep Purpose: The Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies. A revolutionary approach to business exists, one that delivers game-changing results for companies of all sizes: the serious and deep pursuit of purpose. This book shows the possibility of embedding purpose as a radically new operating system for your business. To enter the drawing, email

Template and Guidelines for Requesting Feedback

*EPISODE 243: LESSONS LEARNED FROM BUILDING A STRONG TEAM ENVIRONMENT WITH ABHISHEK NAYAK* Get this internal document that Appsmith uses to guide employee feedback. Outlining feedback guidelines and questions for specific feedback outcomes, this resource can help any manager give and receive more valuable feedback.

FREE ‘Working with Mindfulness’ Course

*EPISODE 241: DEVELOP SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF-REGULATION WITH ROBIN HILLS* The ‘Working with Mindfulness’ course supports the development of a manager’s emotional intelligence by helping them to work more effectively with mindfulness. Typically retailing at $49, Robin is offering this course for FREE, exclusive to members of The Modern Manager community.

Free Disaster Worksheet: Things to Consider When Responding to a Crisis

*EPISODE 241: SUPPORT YOUR TEAM MEMBERS DURING A CRISIS WITH HOLLY WELCH STUBBING* This worksheet will lay out the stakeholders (employees, communities, etc.) to consider, partners to establish, and funding to set aside for navigating an unforeseen event impacting your people or your business.

$10 Discount on The Choice Map Course

*EPISODE 240: CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS WITH MARILEE ADAMS* The Choice Map is your roadmap to creating a foundational awareness of your mindsets and questions. It will help you to live predominantly on the Learner mindset path, or ‘Learner Living’. Typically $47, members of The Modern Manager community can get $10 off this course. Use coupon code MM2023.

$100 reward for a $1,000 Tremendous purchase

*EPISODE 239: OPTIMIZE YOUR TEAM FOR REMOTE WORK WITH KAPIL KALE* Tremendous is the simplest way for businesses to send money to people. Managers can offer employees more than 800 redemption options, from gift cards to donations to cash. Over 5,000 organizations, such as Google, Visa, and Harvard, use Tremendous to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in employee recognition, bonuses, gifts, incentives, and more. Whether you're sending to 10 employees or 10,000, in one city or 100 countries — if it isn’t payroll, send it with Tremendous. Tremendous is free to use, with no fees or subscriptions. Modern Manager members who sign up at the given link will receive $100 after they send $1,000 with Tremendous.

Free ‘Double Your Revenue’ Gift Basket

*EPISODE 238: HOW TO TALK ABOUT THE HARD THINGS WITH DAVID WOOD* Get a personalized gift basket from David that includes a 15-minute Double Your Revenue Strategy call for qualifying businesses, the Online Double Your Revenue Replay, a cheat sheet, and the Mouse in the Room minibook. Click the link to access it all.

1 Free Copy of Leading With Joy

*EPISODE 237: CREATE THE CONDITIONS FOR JOY IN THE WORKPLACE WITH AKAYA WINDWOOD* Akaya is offering 1 free copy of her book, Leading with Joy, to a member of The Modern Manager community. Sharing vignettes about the authors’ insights and stories and discussion questions to go along, Leading with Joy promotes a courageous and compassionate approach to leadership that can sustain purposeful action and social change. To receive this bonus, be the first to email with “Leading with Joy” in the subject.

Free Webinar on Leadership Style

*EPISODE 227: DISCOVER YOUR FABS LEADERSHIP STYLE WITH ROBERT JORDAN* Robert is offering a free, town-hall style webinar for members of The Modern Manager community. In this webinar, you can get direct, real-time feedback on your leadership style to help you grow personally and professionally. Click the link to watch the webinar recording.

10% Off the Feedback Loop Course

*EPISODE 236: SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID WITH KIM SCOTT* Research suggests a majority of employees don’t receive the feedback they need to perform better at work, causing companies to lose time, talent and money. Starring David Alan Grier, Kim Scott, and a cast of eccentric characters, The Feedback Loop workplace comedy series and e-course teach Radical Candor’s proven feedback framework in a way that's fresh, fun, and effective to improve your communication skills at work and in life. Use code FEEDBACK at checkout to save 10%.

50% Off the Inner Genius Profile

*EPISODE 235: GET YOUR TEAM WORKING FROM THEIR INNER GENIUS WITH CATHERINE MATTISKE* Take the Inner Genius Profile to discover how you learn and communicate. The profile takes 10 minutes and will make the way you work, study, and communicate more efficient and effective. Discover your Archetype, find your Genius Zone, and instantly access your GQ Vault of personalized materials and tools. Includes your unique Archetype Report, Playlist, copy of Unlock Inner Genius book, discount vouchers, and more! Typically $99, you can use code ModernManager50 to access the Inner Genius Profile for $49.50! Complete the Profile, then go to your personalized ‘My Home’ page to access your GQ Vault.

1.5 Hour Consulting Session for 1 Member

*EPISODE 234: WORK ENVIRONMENTS THAT WORK FOR EVERYONE WITH GENIE LOVE* Genie is offering a 1.5-hour consulting session focused on simple strategies to support underutilized human assets in your organization. She will provide tips on the use of physical space, training in executive functioning, and strategies in recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and retention in order to increase productivity and job satisfaction. To enter into the random drawing, email with “Genie consulting” in the header by Wednesday, 12/21.

Free access to the 5 Days to Clear Thinking Challenge

*EPISODE 233: DON’T BRING HOME STRESS TO WORK WITH ANDREA LIEBROSS* Andrea Liebross's 5 Days to Clear Thinking Challenge will help you clean up your mind so you can be truly ready and able to plan and organize.

$100 off Full Focus Coaching

*EPISODE 233: DON’T BRING HOME STRESS TO WORK WITH ANDREA LIEBROSS* Get the guidance you need to turn your to-do list into a done list with Full Focus Coaching. In 30 days, you’ll have the tools and thinking you need to become fully focused and stop procrastinating. Click the link and use code MAMIE.

Live Workshop: Rock-it Your Way to Success in 2023

*EPISODE 232: GOAL SETTING AND GOAL ACCOMPLISHING WITH HILARY DECESARE* Members of The Modern Manager Community get access to Hilary’s free webinar, Rock-it Your Way to Success in 2023. In this 60-minute workshop, you'll get the goal setting framework that has been proven to work for over 25+ years, without adding more to your already overflowing plate. In fact, the clarity you'll receive around your 3 core goals and the why behind them will allow you to restructure your schedule with only impactful tasks to help you achieve these in the new year. This exclusive workshop is taking place on Wednesday, December 14 at 11:00am EST. Register at

Giveaway: 3 Copies of Inclusive AF

*EPISODE 231: BEING THOUGHTFUL ABOUT THE END OF YEAR HOLIDAYS WITH JEN O’RYAN* Jen O’Ryan has offered to give away 3 copies of her book, Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for “Accidental” Diversity Experts. Designed for anyone thinking about Inclusion, Diversity, AF outlines a roadmap to safely introduce meaningful and lasting change. This book hit Amazon's #1 New Release in multiple categories over four consecutive weeks, and made it to Amazon's Top 10 Best Sellers for Job Markets and Advice (#6!). Email with “Inclusive Giveaway” in the heading by Friday, 12/2 to enter the drawing.

1 Free ‘Habit Mechanic University’ App Membership

*EPISODE 230: HACK YOUR BRAIN WITH DR. JON FINN* Win a free 12 month ‘At Your Best’ premium subscription membership. You will quickly learn how to feel better, do better and lead better. Access a range of science-based tools that have already helped over 10,000 people change their lives. Join the monthly challenges and quickly build better wellbeing, performance, and leadership habits. To learn more access the free version of the app by clicking the button to the right. To enter the drawing, email with “Habit Mechanic Membership” in the subject line. Entries must be submitted by December 9th, 2022.

Mindset Graphics for Your Phone, Computer, or Print

*EPISODE 229: OVERCOMING OBSTACLES WITH JOEL GREEN* Members of The Modern Manager community get a special set of graphics with mindset messages that you can use as the background for your computer, your phone, or print out as mini-posters in your workspace.

Free 1-Hour Zoom with the Purchase of 100 Books

*EPISODE 228: KEEP CALM AND ADDRESS CONFLICTS WITH HESHA ABRAMS* Hesha Abrams’ book, Holding the Calm: The Secret to Resolving Conflict and Defusing Tension, shares key strategies and inspirational treasures to resolve disputes, settle cases, and re-channel arguments. If The Modern Manager community purchases 100 copies (for yourself or your team!), Hesha will hold a 1-hour Zoom sharing her insights with you. Please send a copy of your receipt to - once we receive 100 total book sales, Mamie will reach out to all members about the Zoom session. Click the link to purchase your copies or inquire about bulk discounts.

BOGO Kittycorn Game and The Focus Project Book

Erik Qualman is offering a Buy One Get One Free deal on two of his products. The first is his Kittycorn card game, designed for any group to learn easily and have a great time. The second is his book, The Focus Project, designed to provide solutions to the challenge of focusing in an unfocused world. After ordering and receiving one or both items, take a picture, email it to, and he’ll send a SIGNED copy your way.