Guest Bonuses 201-225


Free Two Months of a Fast Forward Membership

*EPISODE 225: ESTABLISH A BOLD VISION WITH LISA MCCARTHY* Fast Forward Membership gives you exclusive access to the same Power Principles that have helped thousands of professionals play big, manage stress, and achieve extraordinary success. The actionable content, tools, and monthly group coaching sessions will help you see more as possible and turn bold, unpredictable goals into reality. Click the link, then select “Join Fast Forward Membership” and enter code FFMODERN2 to redeem your first two months free.

Giveaway: 1 Copy of “When They Win, You Win”

*EPISODE 224: PROVEN STRATEGIES TO UNLEASH YOUR TEAM’S POTENTIAL WITH RUSS LARAWAY* Win a copy of Russ’s book When They Win, You Win. Russ provides a handbook for managers on how to implement The Big 3 - a surprisingly simple, coherent leadership approach that measurably and predictably delivers more engaged employees and better business results. Email with the subject line “Book Giveaway” and provide your name and mailing address in the email. You must enter by 11:59pm Friday October 14th, 2022 to be entered into the drawing.

Free Communication and Collaboration Document

*EPISODE 223: INSIGHTS FROM IMPROV TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION WITH BRIAN ROLNICK-FOX* Members of The Modern Manager can get a free Communication and Collaboration document from Nimble Learning Strategies. This document describes the three As of communication and how you can implement them to communicate more effectively in your daily life.

25% Off Dream & Achieve Course

25% Off Dream & Achieve Course *EPISODE 222: DESIGN PATH TO YOUR FUTURE WITH LANCE TANAKA* Dream & Achieve has helped thousands of successful executives identify their purpose (dream) and move down the path to realizing it. Lance is offering all The Modern Manager members 25% off the program price if you register before Sep 30, 2022. Click the link and use coupon code: dna25%offer

Free 60-Minute Masterclass: Advancing DEI

*EPISODE 221: REDUCING AND RESPONDING TO MICROAGGRESSIONS WITH MARTINE KALAW* HR leaders in the Modern Manager community can register for Martine’s free Masterclass, scheduled for September September 22. In 60 minutes, you’ll receive the top five keys to advancing DEI in your workplace over the course of 90 days. Click the link to register.

Free “Motivation and Feedback” Resource Document

*EPISODE 219: MOTIVATION THROUGH CORE VALUES WITH ROB TOOMEY* Members of the Modern Manager community can get a free Motivation and Feedback document. This will help you gain new insight into what makes people tick and how to tailor your feedback differently to each of the four temperaments (Traditionalists, Experiencers, Conceptualizers, and Idealists) for maximum impact.

2 Free Articles Published in Harvard Business Review

*EPISODE 218: FACILITATE EFFECTIVE AND INCLUSIVE MEETINGS WITH RAE RINGEL* Rae is offering two articles she has authored and published in Harvard Business Review. “Please Stop Using These Phrases in Meetings” helps readers take control of their speech patterns by learning phrases that aren’t as helpful as you think. “When Do We Actually Need to Meet in Person?” helps leaders determine which factors of work can be kept virtual and which require being in-person.

30 Day Free Trial of Sunsama

*EPISODE 217: PLAN YOUR DAY WITH ASHUTOSH PRIYADARSHY* Sunsama is a daily planning assistant for busy managers to plan focused workdays. Over 5,000 ambitious professionals use Sunsama to steer them through their workdays and achieve their goals without burning out. Members of the Modern Manager community can get an exclusive 30-day free trial. Click the link to sign up and you’ll automatically be granted a 30-day trial period (no card needed).

Manager Identity Worksheet and One Free Book

*EPISODE 215: EMBRACE YOUR IDENTITY WITH VICTORIA SHIROMA WILSON* What are the qualities that a manager must build to become truly exceptional? All members can download this handout from Victoria Shiroma Wilson of Exceptional Futures, which offers a set of eight reflective questions around the 4 Cs of exceptional management: Confidence, Collaboration, Communication, and Culture. In addition, the first member to email will receive a free copy of Victoria’s upcoming book, which will be published in September.

Free Audiobook: You Were Born to Speak

*EPISODE 214: SKILLS FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION WITH RICHARD NEWMAN* Join Richard on his quest to overcome a crushing fear of public speaking and discover the secrets of successful communication. You’ll discover everything he has learned in his 23-year journey, while building a multi-million-pound communication training company. This personal journey is filled with practical strategies that you can apply immediately to transform your success. To receive this bonus, register via the link provided for access to the audio book for 60 days.

20 Free Copies of Winning the Week (Kindle version)

*EPISODE 213: PLANNING YOUR WEEK WITH DEMIR BENTLEY* 20 members of the Modern Manager community can get a free Kindle version of Demir’s book, “Winning the Week”. In this book, Demir and Carey Bentley reveal their five-step method that radically reimagines how you plan and execute your week. With surprising and counterintuitive insights, the Bentleys show you how to escape burnout and soar to the highest levels of productivity. The first 20 people to email will be provided with the link to download the book free of charge.

Specialized Web Page with Nine Video Modules

*EPISODE 211: CRUSH YOUR TO-DO LIST WITH MARK J. SILVERMAN* Mark has put together a specialized web page for the Modern Manager community. This page includes nine video modules on topics including difficult conversations, dealing with distractions, and energy mastery. Many of the modules include a “Taking Action Worksheet.” This page also includes a link you can use to schedule a follow-up meeting with Mark.

5 Signed Copies of Make It, Don’t Fake It

*EPISODE 211: LEADING WITH AUTHENTICITY WITH SABRINA HORN* 5 members of the Modern Manager community can get a free, signed copy of Sabrina’s book, Make It, Don’t Fake It. This book offers executives concrete advice on what to do when faced with everyday challenges and big dilemmas, so leaders can make the right decisions and build durable businesses. Be the first of 5 people to email to receive this bonus. Learn more at

10 Free Copies of Hire to Win

*EPISODE 209: MASTER THE HIRING PROCESS WITH TATIYANA CURE* Hire to Win is designed to accompany managers looking to achieve better results, higher profits, and more success through the employees they hire. It’s more than a guide; it’s a step-by-step playbook, including ready-to-use templates and tools, and recruiter’s insider tips, as well as valuable lessons for hiring teams. Readers can buy the book on Amazon (print, kindle or audiobook). Then, the first 10 people to email with subject "Modern Manager offer" and proof of purchase (forwarded receipt, photo or screenshot) will receive a full refund through PayPal or Venmo.

20% Off 6-month group coaching program for leaders

*EPISODE 207: THE SEVEN PARADOXES OF LEADERSHIP WITH SUMIT GUPTA* Members of the Modern Manager community can get a 20% discount on Deploy Yourself, a 6-month group coaching program for leaders starting July 15 and September 15, 2022. This program will help you create better results in less time, build strong relationships, and find meaning and joy. You can get an additional 20% off the program if you register by June 20. To apply, email with the following information: -A link to your LinkedIn profile -Answer to the question: What is your dream/vision that you want to accomplish in the next 1-2 years? -Answer to the question: What are your biggest challenges or fears that hold you back?

Free Worksheet on Effective Communication for Delegation

*PART 2 of EPISODE 206: DELEGATE TO ELEVATE WITH YURI ELKAIM* Get a free worksheet created by Mamie as a part of "The Modern Manager's Guide to Effective Delegation" course. (See bonus below for 90% off 5 modules from this course.) This worksheet includes options of communication methods to help you delegate most effectively.

90% off The Modern Manager’s Guide to Effective Delegation

*PART 1 of EPISODE 206: DELEGATE TO ELEVATE WITH YURI ELKAIM* Over the course of 7 weeks, you'll receive 5 modules guiding you to complete brief mini-lessons that help you take manageable actions to apply the learnings to your situation. It’s designed for busy managers who are ready to free their time through effective delegation. Use code: Episode206Bonus. Learn more at

10% Discount on educational advising or college essay editing

*EPISODE 205: BECOMING A MODERN MANAGER WITH JOIE JAGER-HYMAN* Members of the Modern Manager community can get 10% off educational advising or college essay editing from College Prep 360. Sign up at or email and mention the Modern Manager.

$50 off any ORO Collective course and FREE “Coaching as a Manager” playbook

*EPISODE 203: CULTIVATING PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY WITH TERESA MITROVIC* Members of The Modern Manager will get $50 off any of ORO Collective’s paid courses by using the code MODERN50. Additionally, you’ll be able to access the “Coaching as a Manager” playbook as an exclusive free resource. Click the link for details.

Guide To C.A.L.M.E.R. Conversations about Mental Health

*EPISODE 202: MANAGING THE BOUNDARIES OF PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL WITH DEBORAH GRAYSON RIEGEL* Get Deborah’s guide How To Have A C.A.L.M.E.R. Conversation About Mental Health At Work. This guide includes an overview of the C.A.L.M.E.R. approach that makes these difficult conversations easier for both parties.

Work Ecosystem Diagram

*EPISODE 201: DEVELOPING A WORK ECOSYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE* Get a detailed diagram that explains GOJO’s work ecosystem. This diagram includes the model GOJO uses to determine who works from home, who works in-person, what qualifies as individual or collaborative work, and how it all fits together.