Guest Bonuses 176-200


Two signed copies of Thoughtfully Fit

*EPISODE 199: How to Get Thoughtfully Fit with Darcy Luoma* Darcy Luoma is offering two signed copies of her book, Thoughtfully Fit: Your Training Plan for Life and Business Success. Through personal stories combined with concrete skills, Darcy’s book draws on the same principles of being physically fit – like flexibility, agility, and strength – to train you to be mentally fit for life’s challenges. Email mamie@mamieks to be one of two people to receive this offer.

Free CFAR resource packet

Dr. Richard Levin is happy to offer a CFAR resource packet to the Modern Manager community. This resource is custom-built for members of the Modern Manager community, and it consists of CFAR’s boldest thinking on executive coaching, strategy, culture, and organizational behavior. This valuable resource includes learnings and writings of CFAR’s top leaders and has never before been available to the public.

$100 off 1:1 coaching OR a complimentary consultation

*EPISODE 196: IMPROVE PERFORMANCE BY IMPROVING EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING WITH MICHAEL DELMAN* Mention "Modern Manager" when you contact the WorkSmart coaching membership team about 1:1 coaching to receive $100 off their membership fee. Or, contact Susan Lohman at to set up your complimentary consultation for staff training.

Discount on Flower Design workshop for 5 or more people (3 available)

*EPISODE 195: LESSONS LEARNED FROM MANAGING PEOPLE AND ARRANGING FLOWERS WITH ELISE BERNHARDT* The first 3 people to reach out on behalf of your group of 5 or more people will receive a discount on Elise’s Flower Design workshop – You will participate for free, and the other group members will receive $5 off the $35 fee. Be the first of 3 people to email to receive this bonus.

30% off book: Loss and Discovery: What the Torah Can Teach Us about Leading Change

*EPISODE 193: NAVIGATING CHANGE, AMBIGUITY, AND UNCERTAINTY WITH RUSS LINDEN* Russ’s book focuses on leading change during times of great disruption. It draws on lessons from the Torah (Old Testament) and from successful contemporary leaders, showing us how to manage change today and find the opportunities that disruption provides. To get the discount code, email and say that you heard him on The Modern Manager.

'Unlock Your Brain States' Video Series

*EPISODE 192: UNLEASH YOUR BRAIN’S POTENTIAL WITH COLLIN JEWETT* Get Collin’s 7-part video series titled “Unlock your 3 Brain States” to help you discover the 3 critical brain states and unlock hyper-focus and endless creative potential.

Influential Leadership Blueprint

*EPISODE 191: PRINCIPLES OF THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT WITH LISA MARIE PLATSKE* Interested in how to have more INFLUENCE and ultimately IMPACT in the workspace? The Influential Leadership Blueprint is a simple, step-by-step workbook that allows you to create clear next steps for your journey – and has delivered long-lasting RESULTS for managers in and out of their organizations.

Free Audiobook: The Business of We

*EPISODE 189: BRIDGING ALL SORTS OF CULTURAL DIFFERENCES WITH LAURA KRISKA* Laura is offering 2 copies of her book, The Business of We: The Proven Three-Step Process for Closing the Gap Between Us and Them in Your Workplace to members of the Modern Manager community. Email for 1 of 2 links!

Slide Deck and Worksheets To Hire Freelancers

*EPISODE 188: HOW TO WORK EFFECTIVELY WITH FREELANCERS WITH MATTHEW MOTTOLA* Matthew is happy to provide two great resources that will help you work with and hire freelancers: 1) Leadership Deck to Hire Freelancers: Learn why you need to invest in freelancers, who else is investing, and how to get started. 2) Worksheets to Identify the Work and Hire Your First Freelancer: Think strategically and set yourself up for success by using these worksheets to identify what work is ideal for you to hire freelancers for and how to hire that first freelancer.

5 Easy Actions to Become a More Inclusive Leader

*EPISODE 187: CONTINUING TO DEVELOP INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS WITH PERRINE FARQUE* Get my quick-start guide to help you immediately boost your inclusive leadership skills.

Leadership Tools Infographic and a discount for Coaching with Christine Comaford

*EPISODE 185: HOW TO AVOID THE GREAT RESIGNATION WITH CHRISTINE COMAFORD* SmartTribes Institute is thrilled to help you optimize your leadership skills in 2 profound ways: They’re offering their most potent leadership tools in infographic form so they’re easy to learn and share with your team. If you’d like one on one coaching with Christine Comaford, they’re offering a 10% discount on your initial contract with them. This offer expires 12/31/22.

Promotion code for The Velocity Mindset audiobook

*EPISODE 184: EMBRACE A VELOCITY MINDSET WITH RON KARR* Get 1 of 3 promotion codes for Ron Karr’s book, The Velocity Mindset - How Leaders Eliminate Risk, Gain Buy-In, and Achieve Better Results-Faster! Email to receive 1 of 3 promotion codes and the link.

Free 30-minute Coaching Session

*EPISODE 183: USE YOUR MOST POWERFUL VOICE WITH JUDY WEINMAN* Judy will listen to and speak with you about your particular voice and vocal presence issues and then offer strategies and demonstrate techniques for addressing them. After your meeting, Judy will email you a follow-up note summarizing what you talked about and include even more suggestions and exercises pertaining to your unique goals for developing and enhancing your voice and communication skills. Be one of the first three guests to request a session. Go to and enter “Mamie” in the message section.

Self-Directed Learner Assessment

*EPISODE 181: HOW TO FOSTER SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING WITH TOM TONKIN* Get the self-directed learner assessment that Dr. Tom Tonkin calls The Dynamic Learning Index (“DLI”). Updated with the latest research, this guide will help you improve your self-direction.

Discount code for Bringing Up the Boss

*EPISODE 180: IMPROVING THE FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGEMENT WITH RACHEL PACHECO* A practical guide for new managers, Bringing Up the Boss by Rachel Pacheco combines anecdotes, data, how-to exercises, and templates to help the reader build the fundamental skills of being a great boss. Click the link to order, and use code modernmanager at check-out for 35% off.

Saying No Cheat Sheet

*EPISODE 179: FREE YOUR TIME FOR WHAT MATTERS MOST WITH DORIE CLARK* Get Mamie’s personal reminders to help you remember (1) when to say no and (2) how to say no in ways that still feel good.

Free 30 Minute DEI Survey Consult

*EPISODE 177: MEASURING DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION IN YOUR TEAM WITH ERICA LEE* Get a free 30 min consultation to help you or your company think through the process of gathering DEI data for your team or organization. I’ll share my lessons learned from doing this with other organizations and help you problem solve your specific questions or challenges.

5 E's Disruption Proof Poster

*EPISODE 176: MAKE YOUR TEAM DISRUPTION-PROOF WITH BRANT COOPER* Get this mini cheat sheet to remind your team to deploy the skills and behaviors to be disruption proof.