Guest Bonuses 151-175


Sample Social Media Policy

*175: A MANAGER'S GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA WITH BIANCA LAGER* The purpose of this sample is to assist in the creation of a documented policy guideline as it pertains to the flagged content found on the Social Intelligence Report™. This is only a sample and seeking legal advice specific to your needs is encouraged.

Get 1 of 5 copies of Decoding Greatness: The Hidden Strategy for Achieving Extraordinary Success

*EPISODE 173: HOW TO ENGINEER SUCCESS WITH DR. RON FRIEDMAN* For generations, we've been taught there are two ways to succeed - either from talent or through practice. In Decoding Greatness, award-winning social psychologist Ron Friedman illuminates a powerful third path- reverse engineering - one that has quietly launched icons in a wide range of fields, from artists, writers, and chefs, to athletes, inventors and entrepreneurs: reverse engineering. To get your copy, be one of the first five members to email and request it. Please provide your physical mailing address.

Mamie's Personal Notes on Habits + Behavior Change

*EPISODE 172: CHANGE BEHAVIOR AND BUILD BETTER HABITS WITH PARNEET PAL* Get my personal notes from the habit and behavior change books I've read.

Mamie's Guide to Using Sparketype With Your Team

*EPISODE 171: TAP INTO THE POWER OF SPARKETYPES WITH JONATHAN FIELDS* In this guide, I share the process I use to talk about Sparketype with my team, including examples to help make it easy for you to leverage the power of Sparketypes at work.

Exclusive 1:1 Get Connected Event

*EPISODE 169: FROM INCLUSION TO BELONGING WITH JOSH SATERMAN* Join me for a special 1:1 Get Connected Experience hosted by guest Josh Saterman. This is an exclusive event where you will join other members of the Modern Manager for a facilitated session that offers the opportunity to network, interact, and explore their dimensions of diversity, all in a fun and engaging 60-min program. Session is September 23, 2021 5-6pm Eastern Registration is required - use the link to register.

Free 1:1 Consult and Productivity Guide

*EPISODE 168: OPTIMIZE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH ERIN JEWELL* Get a free 1:1 consult with Erin to discover the tools to put your WHY into your WORK and get your team the results they deserve. Plus, get Mamie’s Favorite Productivity Hacks Guide.

Free 1:1 Consult and Productivity Guide

*EPISODE 168: OPTIMIZE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH ERIN JEWELL (PT 2) Get a free 1:1 consult with Erin to discover the tools to put your WHY into your WORK and get your team the results they deserve. Plus, get Mamie’s Favorite Productivity Hacks Guide.

Get 1 of 5 copies of Love as a Business Strategy

*EPISODE 167: CULTIVATE A CULTURE OF LOVE WITH MOHAMMAD ANWAR AND FRANK DANNA Be one of the first five members to email and provide your best mailing address to receive a free copy.

Free Copy of Work Made Fun Gets Done! Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale, and Results

*EPISODE 165: HAVE MORE FUN AT WORK WITH DR.BOB NELSON AND MARIO TAMAYO According to Fortune magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America,” 81 percent of workers in companies on the list report that they work in a fun environment. In fact, they found that “fun” is the most significant variable separating those companies who make the list from those that do not. Fun is the secret sauce every business needs to better engage and motivate its employees today. Work Made Fun Gets Done! gives readers simple, practical ideas for instantly bringing fun into their work and workplace. Based on examples from scores of companies like Zoom, Pinterest, Bank of America, Zappos, Honda, Microsoft, and many more, this book provides clear examples of exactly what managers and employees alike can do to lighten the tone in the work environment and allow employees to have more fun at work. With the COVID pandemic winding down, employees of all types and levels are looking to have fun more than ever before. Perhaps that is why Deloitte has labeled the 2020s as "The Era of Workplace Fun." With this book, you can deliver on the promise of more fun with your employees and colleagues! To claim your copy, email to request the book and please include your preferred mailing address.

Get 1 of 3 copies of Silent Overcomer

*EPISODE 164: HOW TO EFFECTIVELY PARTNER WITH HR WITH TRACEE HUNT Emotional wounds from the past can break you, or you can reframe them and change your perspective. By sharing her insights and encouraging readers to examine their own traumas, Tracee Hunt offers hope and encouragement to anyone struggling with adversity, whether past or present. Her honesty and courage in telling her no-holds-barred story is an inspiring message of resilience. Emotional pain does not have to be passed down from generation to generation. It’s possible to turn life’s traumas into life’s triumphs – even when forgiveness seems impossible. To get one of the available copies, be one of the first three members to email and request it.

Free White Paper Best Practices in Giving and Receiving Feedback

*EPISODE 163: (IN)CIVILITY IN THE WORKPLACE WITH ROBIN ROSENBERG Feedback is—or should be—an integral part of our work lives. Feedback provides vital information about what we need to know: • what we’re doing that is working well, • what we’re doing that we should be doing differently, • whether our performance is “on track,” • whether our behavior is (inadvertently) problematic in the workplace, and • how we can get to the “next level”—whatever that may be. We need feedback to know whether we are doing what our position requires of us. This guide includes tips for giving and receiving feedback along with other supportive materials.

30 Minutes of Personalized Consulting

*EPISODE 161: UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS WITH KATIE NIELSON Five members get 30 minutes of personalized consulting on how to make their organization, product, and /or workplace more welcoming to speakers of other languages, whether those speakers are clients, employees, consultants, or the community at large. Email to request the consultation. Available to the first 5 members to request it.

Free 25-minute “Coach-sulting” Session

*EPISODE 160: DEVELOP A PEOPLE STRATEGY WITH ANDREW BARTLOW 10 members get a 25-minute session with Andrew to get his advice and recommendations on developing your people strategy or anything else regarding scaling your business or culture. This is available to the first 10 members who request it. Email Mamie at to request a session with Andrew.

Free Emotional Wellness Assessment + Facilitated Lunch-n-Learn

*EPISODE 159: EXPERIENCE MANAGERIAL GREATNESS WITH STEPH RICHTER FOR EVERYONE: How To Assess Employee Emotional Wellness Guide. This is a How-To Guide that includes The Perk's Survey Template & Simple 4-step Process to survey your employees, assess their emotional wellness, & get the information you need to make the best decisions & provide the right support for your employees. Use the link and Discount Code: MODERNMANAGER FIRST TEN PEOPLE: One of Perk Culture Coaches will lead your team through a 60-minute Zoom discussion on one of these six topics: Choose Your Mindset We don’t always have control over our situations, but WE DO HAVE CONTROL over our thoughts. There are 1 million ways to look at each situation, so why not choose a way that SERVES you? In this lunch & learn, your team will learn HOW to choose their mindset (4 immediately implementable skills), & leave the session feeling equipped & empowered. Growth, Owner’s & Infinite Mindset In this lunch & learn your team will learn three game-changing mindsets to use personally & professionally. The results of using these mindsets? A high-performing team ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. Feelings-Focused Goal Setting Have you ever accomplished a goal & not felt that great afterwards? It happens to all of us! Traditional goal setting is actually kind of backwards – instead of focusing on the things we want to DO, we should instead focus on the ways we most like to FEEL, & then set goals that will allow us to feel that way. In this webinar your team will discover how they most like to feel (Challenged? Connected? Creative?), & learn how to set goals that truly matter to them. Zone of Genius When you work within your Zone of Genius, you are happier, more fulfilled, & have deeper satisfaction that spills over into all areas of your life. In this informative & fun webinar, your team will learn WHY Zone of Genius is important & work to discover their own. They will learn how to operate within their own Zone of Genius, & how to use it with their teams to build a higher-performing culture. Top-Notch Communication Skills Communication is truly everything when it comes to building trust, strengthening relationships, & thriving in your life & business. In this lunch & learn, we will focus on developing & honing 4 communication skills: Get Curious, Level 3 Listening, Start With Why Communication & Yes, AND. Your team will walk away with easily implementable action items to start leveling up their communication skills right away! Culture + Mindset Culture is built by the daily BEHAVIOR of you & your team. In this lunch & learn, we will focus on how culture & mindset build off each other. Your team will learn HOW to choose their mindset (3 immediately implementable skills), & understand how their mindset impacts your culture. Email mamie@mamieks to inquire about the lunch-n-learn.

Get 1 of 10 copies of Stop Drifting: Become the Switch Master of Your Own Thought & Pivot to Positive

*EPISODE 157: POSITIVE THINKING + POSITIVE ACTION WITH DAVID R. IBARRA For Tom Stanley, a slightly overweight lost soul, life has lost its luster. Rather than face the daily grind of life working at his Chevrolet dealership, he’d rather sleep his days away. Just when Tom’s malaise seems like it can’t get any worse, a chance meeting with fellow car dealership owner Daniel Santos changes everything. Tall, tan, and fit, Daniel is renowned for his success and decides to take Tom under his wing. Under Daniel’s guidance, not only does Tom train to run his first marathon but also learns what it takes to turn his business into a success! From the mind of Utah business leader and success coach David R. Ibarra, “Stop Drifting” is a story about how one man finds his way to success, both in business and in life, by following key strategies that the author credits for his own successful career. Inspired by the Brain Model principles of Napoleon Hill, David Ibarra’s “Stop Drifting” uses a compelling narrative to teach readers not only how to identify their purpose in life, but to apply that purpose to their business, create new training processes, implement new business strategies, and how to “Pivot to Positive” and overcome the debilitating influence of doubt and uncertainty. “Stop Drifting” is a story of great imagination that offers readers new strategies to spark inspiration and new ways to master their mindset and achieve their dreams. Whether you’re looking for inspiration in your business or personal life, with “Stop Drifting,” David Ibarra wants to wake readers up to exciting new ways of thinking, being, and living. To get a copy, be one of the first 10 people to email mamie@mamieks to request one!

Get 1 of 5 free copies of Setting the Stage: A Guide to Preparing for any Feedback Conversation

*EPISODE 156: GIVING AND RECEIVING FEEDBACK WITH KAREN WEEKS Whether you are a new manager or you have been leading teams for years, it can be daunting having to give feedback to your team members. This workbook will help you prepare for everything you need, including tips and best practices as you prepare to give feedback to your employees and will guide you through process to prepare for a feedback conversation. It also includes places to capture your thoughts, experiences, learnings and opinions on feedback conversations. You can reflect on previous conversations and prepare for future dialogues. While the focus of this workbook is for managers, HR Partners can use it as a coaching guide and individuals can use sections to help prepare for an upcoming feedback conversation. The first five members to email to request one will receive the book.

Free Synaptic Alchemy Sneak Peek and Access to The Related Course

*EPISODE 155: TURN YOUR TEAM INTO GOLD WITH SEVEN CARDINALE From the entire table of contents to excerpts from vital chapters in the book, the Sneak Peek will give you a true look into the concepts, stories and writing style of Synaptic Alchemy all delivered via Kindle, Mobile or PDF versions. If you decide to purchasing the book, simply send your receipt (from any retailer, including Amazon:, Barnes & Noble: or Apple Books: to pod@synapticalchemy. Once the receipt is verified, you will receive a coupon that will allow you to receive the course for free when it is released at the end of June 2021 (retail price $195).

Win a Copy of Humble Consulting

*153: HUMBLE INQUIRY WITH EDGAR AND PETER SCHEIN Organizations face challenges today that are too messy and complicated for consultants to simply play doctor: run a few tests, offer a neat diagnosis of the “problem,” and recommend a solution. Edgar Schein argues that consultants have to jettison the old idea of professional distance and work with their clients in a more personal way, emphasizing authentic openness, curiosity, and humility. Schein draws deeply on his own decades of experience, offering over two dozen case studies that illuminate each stage of this humble consulting process. Just as he did with Process Consultation nearly fifty years ago, Schein has once again revolutionized the field, enabling consultants to be more genuinely helpful and vastly more effective. ***The first 10 people to email to request a copy will get one.***

Win a Copy of Crush Your Career

*EPISODE 153: MANAGING UP WITH DEE ANN TURNER A rewarding career doesn't just happen. It's built, step by step, opportunity by opportunity, decision by decision. But how do you know what steps to take, what opportunities to pursue, and what decisions to make? After more than three decades leading teams and coaching staff members, Dee Ann Turner knows what it takes to build a fulfilling career. In this practical, hands-on book, she reveals the secrets of how to · find a job · prepare for an interview · conquer the first 90 days · manage work relationships · overcome mistakes · add value to your team · and so much more In a competitive job market, you need concrete, field-tested advice to help you ace the interview, land the job, and launch a career you love. That's exactly what Crush Your Career delivers. ***The first two people to email to request a copy will get one.***

15% Off Culture Program plus PDF of book Culture Decks Decoded

*EPISODE 151: HOW TO HIRE FOR VALUES FIT (NOT CULTURE FIT) WITH BRETTON PUTTER 1) A complimentary culture consultancy call to 5 community members who would like to discuss how to build or strengthen their culture or adapt to remote or hybrid work. 2) A 15% discount on the CultureGene culture development program. 3) A free PDF copy of the book Culture Decks Decoded 4) A free PDF of Chapter 5: 'The Interview Process' of the book Own Your Culture