Miniguides 151-200


Episode 200: Mamie's Favorite Takeaways from 200 Episodes

In episode 200, I share 6 of my favorite “lessons learned” from the past four years of hosting The Modern Manager podcast. While each guest has offered insights and wisdom from their years of experience, these six nuggets in particular have stuck with me. This episode guide includes support to implement one of 6 next steps. The full guide includes questions for reflection and suggested approaches for taking action on each of the 6 learning’s next steps. It also includes a bonus activity to help you make the most of The Modern Manager podcast.

Episode 197: Coordinating Synchronous and Asynchronous Communications

Communication is at the heart of collaboration. Any team, whether fully in-person, remote, or hybrid, needs to have effective communication processes. With technology advancing what’s possible, and teams evolving when, where and how they work, we need to actively design how we will communicate in ways that take advantage of new capabilities while streamlining and simplifying our systems so that they are sustainable. This mini-guide contains examples of the type of content you might include in your communications guide. The full guide contains a walk through of the 5 steps in the process for creating a communications guide with your team along with principles to consider as you decide on your tools, methods, and norms. It also includes suggestions for how to optimize various forms of synchronous and asynchronous communications and a short list of my favorite tools.

Episode 194: Build a Culture of Accountability

Episode 190: Influencing without Authority

Episode 186: Create an Actionable Individual Development Plan

Episode 182: Improve Your Executive Functioning Skills

Episode 178: What Are Executive Functioning Skills?

Episode 174: Managing a Remote or Hybrid Team

Episode 170: How to Hire Great People

Episode 166: Engage in Healthy, Productive Conflict

Episode 162: Five Approaches to Dealing with Conflict

Episode 154: The Differential of Managing Managers

Episode 158: Discover Your Optimal Work